Creating a flower-inspired colour scheme in your living room

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Creating a Flower-Inspired Colour Scheme in Your Living Room

Embracing the magic of nature, your home can burst into life with a flower-inspired colour scheme. This charming approach can render your space vibrant, refreshing and full of personality.

In this brief guide, we’ll cover how to incorporate floral hues into your living room and create a year-round springtime sanctuary.

Shall we start the journey from petal to palette?

Petals to Palette: Drawing Inspiration from Nature

Every flower in Nature’s garden comes with a unique combination of colours, offering a rich palette of inspiration for your living room.

From the sunny yellows of daffodils and the vibrant reds of tulips to the calming blues of forget-me-nots, flowers beautifully balance vivid and soothing hues.

And if we consider their varied shades and tints, there’s undoubtedly a floral colour scheme for your home that matches your personal style.

5 Tips to Infuse Your Living Space with Flower-Inspired Hues

Complementing Hues: When Flowers Meet Furniture

When introducing a floral colour scheme, it’s crucial to consider your furniture. If you already have a dominant colour in your living room, look for flowers that feature this hue or complement it.

For example, a sky-blue sofa would harmonise with violets while dusty pink chairs could partner perfectly with light-rose peonies.

In this way, the floral colours bridge your furnishings and walls together, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

Creating the Flower-Inspired Ambience

The beauty of a flower-inspired colour scheme doesn’t only lie in its colours but in the feeling it imparts as well. Cool floral tones like blues and violets tend to evoke calm and relaxation, while warm shades such as reds and yellows radiate energy and excitement.

Remember to consider how you want your living room to feel before finalising your floral-inspired palette. After all, your home is not merely a visual experience, but an emotional haven too.

Bring Seasons Inside – Rotating Colour Schemes

Just as flowers change with the seasons, so too can your living room colour scheme.

During spring and summer, opt for brighter hues like sunflower yellow, daisy white or poppy red. Transit to warmer colours in autumn, mimicking the russet tones of falling leaves.

A winter scheme could feature the muted blues and whites reminiscent of frost-kissed blooms. This rotational approach ensures your living space remains fresh and seasonally relevant all year round.

Mix and Match: Combining Floral Colours Gracefully

In a single bouquet, a mix of different colours of petals come together to create a gorgeous display of harmony. This is much like your living room. Learning to layer analogous (adjacent on the colour wheel) or complementary (opposite on the colour wheel) floral hues can result in a sophisticated, visually pleasing space.

For instance, combining the pink of roses with lilacs’ purple creates an analogous scheme, while pairing sunflowers’ yellow with lavender blue offers a striking complementary contrast. 

It’s all about experimenting and balancing different tones until you’ve created your perfect bouquet of colours.

‘Bouquet-ing’ The Right Accents for Your Space

Once you’ve decided on a colour scheme, it’s time to gather the right accents for your space. This requires attention to detail, similar to what went into creating the perfectly arranged rose bouquet you ordered online. Whichever your favourite blooms, the following tips should come in handy:

  • Incorporate fresh flowers and plants
  • Choose cushions, rugs, and art pieces that chime with your chosen floral tones.
  • Use deeper shades for bigger pieces to ground the space
  • Lighter, more vibrant hues can highlight smaller items.

This balances out the colours and prevents certain shades from overwhelming your room.


Blooms are organic and imperfect by nature. It’s fine for your space to reflect the same beauty in diversity and inconsistency.

With these tips, it’s no longer about merely decorating your home. You will be crafting an ongoing love letter to Nature’s inspiring beauty and diverse palette.


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