What colour says in your home

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What Colour Says In Your Home

Colour is the main base behind interior design. If you walk into a room and you are not happy with the colour you will be more inclined to change it. Everybody has one or more favourite colours and these can reflect things about your personality.

Also the decision of placing a certain colour within a certain room can give it a certain feel, so be careful before you go wild with a yellow paintbrush! Here is what the primary colours can bring to a room



Firstly is yellow which can be a tricky colour to use. Of course people’s first thoughts are to do with the sun and being happy which is what anyone wants to feel within a room right? If it is going to be used though it works best within a kitchen, dining room or halls to bring energy and be uplifting.

It should be used as more of a secondary colour however and not the main focus of the room. It is not the best choice for a bedroom as large amounts of this colour can have the opposite effect and make people feel angry.


Red is a really vibrant colour and adds excitement and energy to a room. It is known to raise heart rates so might not be the best choice for the kitchen if you tend to get stressed when cooking!

It can be a good choice for a bedroom if not overused, and when viewed after dark the red colour is toned down and appears more elegant and rich. Red is best used when placing small furnishings in a room, such as decorative cushions, lamps, jewellery box etc.


Blue is a lovely colour and I feel is easier to work with than the two previous. It has the opposite effect that red has on your heart rate and brings a sense of calm to a room. It is great for using within bedrooms and bathrooms when you want to feel the most chilled out.

Blue tiles and using blue wallpaper for a feature wall mixed with creams will feel very tranquil. Choose the shade you use carefully however, as an ice blue can make the room feel cold and too dark a blue can bring feelings of sadness.

Deciding The Colour of Your Home

It is a difficult decision to make deciding upon a colour scheme, so ensure to carry out some research before you go interior shopping. Have a think about how certain colours can make you feel, try to think if you came home in a bad mood, would you want to walk into a bright yellow bedroom?

Or perhaps in the summer months when the sun comes out would you want to go and sit in a bright red living room? Of course it is hard to envision every scenario, but if it is your favourite colour, you use various shades and keep it subtle you usually can’t go wrong!

Plus at the end of the day it comes down to personal taste, so if you like it and enjoy living in your surroundings, then you have chosen correctly.


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