What is the maximum height for a front garden fence?

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What Is the Maximum Height for a Front Garden Fence?

Did you know that around 23 million houses in the UK have gardens? That’s 23 million potential vegetable patches and 23 million places for families and friends to recline on a warm Summer’s day.

Many people use their gardens to relax and escape the world’s hustle and bustle, and setting up a fence for privacy may be an integral part of making the garden more relaxing. However, it’s important to know that there are regulations that limit the residential front garden fence height.

Before installing a front garden fence, learn about the laws involved and why they were passed in this brief guide.

Back vs. Front Garden Fence

If you’re installing a security fence, you’ll likely want to build up to the legal limit. This would mean that the fence that wraps around your property will be at different heights on different parts of the property. This is because the default front garden fence height limit in the UK is only 1 metre or 3.2 feet from ground level (whereas back garden fences may be double that height).

Another factor to consider before installing the fence is what items, objects, or shapes will adorn the top. If your fence is going to have a trellis, for instance, the height of that trellis counts toward the overall fence height.

Why There’s a Maximum Front Garden Fence Height

UK garden fence regulations serve essential public functions. The top priority is the safety of people on the street. If you have a driveway on your property, a tall privacy fence may obscure a pedestrian’s view of any cars that may be coming down the driveway.

Legal height regulations also align with age-old restrictive conditions in UK property law. In theory, no one may use personal property in a way that limits their neighbour’s use and enjoyment of their property. The UK garden fence height limit prevents people from building fences so tall that they block the sun from shining onto their neighbours’ properties.

Getting Around the UK Garden Fence Height

The fence height limit in the UK is set at a default height, but it can also be altered with special permission. The first parties you have to talk to are your neighbours. Ensuring the fence won’t cause a nuisance is vital because your neighbours have rights, and it’s also better for the community when there’s peace amongst neighbours.

You’ll also have to apply for planning permission from your local council. If you’re living in listed housing, you must also consult the relevant authorities about your plan. Once you have approved plans, you can start upgrading your garden per your vision.

Turn Your House Into a Dream Home

Setting up a front garden fence for security or privacy can improve your standard of living and your home’s value. However, one must always ensure that their DIY and renovation plans align with the relevant laws.

Before putting a fence around your front garden, make sure the plans adhere to the UK’s front garden fence height limit. If you wish to exceed this, you have to check with your neighbours for any light easements and apply for planning permission.


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