How could a loft conversion add value to your home?

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How could a Loft Conversion add Value to your Home?

Loft conversions are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners who are opting to transform an existing idle attic space into a functional room.

Yet for many, the financial side of things is a big concern, with homeowners questioning whether converting their loft will save them money in the long term. In short, yes it can, and here’s how this home improvement is guaranteed to see a return on your investment. 


Costly alternatives

For those longing for that little bit of extra living space, be it because of a new addition to the family or simply to create another area to relax or work, moving house is an expensive option. Relocation costs quickly add up, with estate agent fees, removals, and various other factors to consider. As such, the more cost-effective alternative is to stay put and work with what you already have, avoiding a lot of hassle and stress.

Whilst adding conservatories or extensions to expand houses are common trends, both require laying additional foundations that take up more ground space. Building upwards with a loft conversion, as opposed to outwards, involves far less construction work as the structure already exists. What’s more, for the majority of attic conversions planning permission is not required, saving on fees and time.

However, getting professional guidance from loft conversion architect services is important, ensuring the process is managed effectively and the end result aligns with your vision.

Energy Efficiency

Lofts are often overlooked when tallying up your outgoing energy costs, but ensuring this space is well insulated is a proven way to save you money over time. Heat loss occurs when warmth escapes from your property, and in an uninsulated home a quarter of that heat will pass through the roof.

However, by investing in quality insulation materials with a loft conversion, your home’s overall heat loss is lowered, cutting energy costs and saving on heating bills dramatically. The energy efficiency of a newly renovated attic space can be enhanced further by opting for modern windows, such as Velux roof windows, with glazed panes which, again, help to reduce utility bills.

Maximised Space

Adding an extra habitable room to your property through a loft conversion opens up a variety of possibilities to the homeowner. Subject to meeting approved regulations, attics can be converted into bedrooms which can increase the value of the property considerably – in fact, rooms with an en-suite included can add an average 20% value to the home.

Some may even choose to rent the space out, boosting income even further. Alternatively, a loft can provide the perfect secluded office space in the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need to rent a desk elsewhere.

Added Bonuses

With this new dimension, the fun part begins! A loft conversion allows you to enhance not only the value of your home, but your enjoyment in it, too. Get the most out of the space by getting creative, whether it’s for your own private getaway or a cosy space for the whole family. Add a few bookshelves and create a library, or insert storage to declutter the rest of your home and get organised.

Light walls and mirrors are also a great way to enhance the open space and give the illusion of a bigger space. What’s more, you’ll be able to sit back and take in the stunning views that surround you up high.

If you’re thinking of adding a loft conversion to your home, get in touch with the experts today. Our team will be happy to talk through the loft conversion process, finding the best option to suit your taste, home and budget.


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