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Help Cut Your Heating Bill

With Winter on the way the central heating is going to be needed again. After a summer of reasonable weather (OK it wasn’t sunny but it was mild) it could well be the case that you are now switching your heating on for the first time in a number of months.

Whilst the large energy companies have all raised their tariffs, A & D Plumbing provided us with these top tips to help cut back on spending huge amounts to keep warm this Winter.


The Government has had an initiative on the go for the last couple of years or so to get cavity walls and lofts insulated. Basically, the energy that you do pay for, you want to keep in your home. Do this by having roof insulation, using draught filters under doors and sealing letter boxes.

Although the initial outlay of insulation could pay for a few months of heating, this is an investment that you will be reaping the benefits of for years and years

Plus, it’s helping the environment. Some shops even offer plastic film and draught excluders that you can apply to windows making for another layer and remove the gaps for heat to leak out of.

A large number of homes have radiators underneath windows. Make sure they are shut and curtains/blinds closed to keep more heat in during the evening.

Put Another Layer On!

Before reaching to turn up the thermostat, try a jumper first. It could be old, tatty and with an awful pattern, but it doesn’t really matter when you’re within the comforts of your own home!

Whilst keeping you warm, a nice jumper can also provide some great comfort, perfect for nesting down at home.

Keep Active

Doing some housework, e.g. vacuuming, will get you moving and produce body heat. Not only will the house be cleaner, but exercise should do some good to your body too.

Turn Off Unused Radiators

Whilst the idea of a nice warm house is ideal, in reality, we tend to settle down of an evening in only a couple rooms max. Does the dining room really need heating after you’ve had your supper? Does the spare bedroom need to be on at all whilst nobody is set to stay?

In the bedroom, a hot water bottle could be used to heat the bed removing the need for energy consuming electric blankets. Plus, you can get a nice cuppa from the kettle at the same time to wrap your hands around and get a warm from.

If you need more information about reducing your energy bills, an Emergency Plumber in Essex or just general plumbing services – contact A&D Plumbing today.


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