Transforming your home with lighting

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Transforming Your Home With Lighting

You may have recently moved into a new home, or you may like to build your own home theatre. Maybe you just want to add a little extra security to your property. Whatever the cause, putting lighting in your home can improve the atmosphere of any room and provide some life to your yard in the evening.

With unlimited possibilities and configurations, here is a guide on how to use LED lighting throughout your house and media room, as well as how outdoor & garden lighting can really add character to your yard.

Indoor LED Lighting

Your home theatre system does not have to be complicated. It’s acceptable if you can’t afford the latest and greatest television, surround sound speaker system, or recliner chairs. LED lighting for a media room, on the other hand, may be constructed on any budget and expanded over time.

LED strip lighting adds a vivid splash of colour to any environment. They’re adaptable, flexible, and can change colour, allowing for personalization. AMP Electrical is a market leader in domestic electrical installations, and LED lighting is one of its many specialties.

Cinema Room Lighting Ideas

You could get ideas for home cinema lighting from the following sources:

Starlight ceilings

Starlight ceilings give your home a Rolls Royce feel. While viewing movies, the LED lighting creates a peaceful night sky spirit, making family night stunning and enchanting. Starlight ceiling installations can be time-consuming and costly depending on the size of the room, but they are absolutely worth considering. 

Cove lighting

Cove lighting is a strip light that surrounds or goes around the top border of your space. This type of lighting can give the appearance of height and isn’t excessive, so it won’t interfere with any screens. Cove lighting would be an excellent addition to any home theatre, study, or gaming area.

Stair lighting

If there are stairs in your theatre, stair lighting is an absolute need. In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, it also keeps visitors from falling over while navigating them.

LED spotlights

With smart technology installed, LED spotlights offer the ideal lighting solution and can be controlled by your phone or tablet to deliver the ultimate cinematic experience right in the palm of your hand. To suit your demands, LED spotlights can be found in a variety of bulb forms, some of which offer more advantages than others.

According to your typical consumption, LED lighting normally uses a lot less power and energy than other bulbs, which is one of the benefits of using it in your home. Additionally, unlike conventional lights, which include mercury in the bulb, LED lights are safe for the environment. Due to their capacity to create almost no heat compared to conventional bulbs, LEDs boast increased safety.

Outdoor & Garden Lighting

Bright illumination is not limited to inside the house. With some thought and imagination, lighting may significantly improve your garden space.

No matter how big your garden is, lighting can help you show off its best features. This could be done around a pool, on the exterior of your house, or perhaps around your sundeck. You can even have lighting that is adjustable and dimmable so you can create the ideal ambiance and setting for entertaining friends or spending time by yourself outside.

Additionally, although it isn’t typically the first thing that comes to mind when designing outdoor lighting, it can prevent burglars.  A lit garden offers fewer areas to hide or go unnoticed and makes it much easier to identify somebody scuttling around your property. Combining this with a security camera or sensor can significantly help to keep intruders out of your home.

In conclusion, it is definitely worthwhile to investigate the potential addition of LED and outdoor lighting to your house, and with a team of experts like AMP Electrical, you may get in touch and begin with your idea right away.


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