How to remove a spotlight bulb

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How to Remove a Spotlight Bulb

Did you know that lighting can have a strong impact on your mood? From the colour to the brightness, the right light bulb has the power to change the entire ambiance of a room. Dim lighting is more relaxing, while natural daylight boosts serotonin which makes us feel good.

Unlike general light bulbs, a spotlight bulb creates a focused area of light and is often used as a form of accent lighting to adjust the look and feel of the space. Generally, they highlight spots of your home and work well in living areas. 

However, depending on the fixture you have installed, you may be wondering how to remove a spotlight bulb when it comes to changing them.

Here’s what you should know before replacing a bulb.

Identifying the Bulb

There is more than one type of spotlight bulb and knowing the type you have will prevent you from possibly damaging the fixture or hurting yourself when you remove it.

GU10 LED or halogen bulbs can fit in a variety of different light fittings. (Most homeowners are making the switch to LED these days, as it’s an easy way to make your home more energy efficient.)

These light fixtures might have a metal spring clip, a rotating front trim, or both.

A G9 or bi-pin bulb is designed to be pushed in place. As such, the way you’ll want to remove it is slightly different, so make sure you know what kind of bulb you have first.

Thankfully, learning how to remove a spotlight bulb isn’t too difficult regardless of the type.

How to Remove a Spotlight Bulb

Before you begin, you should always turn off the main light switch or cut off power from the fuse box. After all, an estimated 1.2 million people sustain electrical injuries every year globally and you don’t want to be one of them.

Wait a few minutes for the bulb to cool down before touching it. If the bulb is high up, you’ll want a ladder or step stool. Having someone to help you is a good idea to prevent any accidental fall injuries.

Check for a metal spring clip, as some fixtures contain them. If you have one, you’ll need to squeeze it to remove the bulb.

Changing a GU10 Bulb

If you have a recessed fitting, place your fingers around the edge of the bulb if possible. If not, apply light pressure to turn the bulb in a counterclockwise motion.

Set the old bulb aside or hand it to someone before inserting the new one. When you screw in the new GU10 bulb, simply move it clockwise until it’s snugly in place.

Turn the lights back on and make sure your new bulb is working properly.

Changing a G9 Bulb

Unlike a GU10 light bulb, these ones push into place. To remove them, wrap your fingers around the bulb and pull it straight down. Avoid pulling at an angle as this might cause damage to the fixture.

Again, dispose of the old bulb and line up the new one so that the pins match the slots and push until it locks in place.

Pro tip: Use gloves or a soft cloth to prevent any oils from your skin from contacting the fixture or the bulb’s surface.

Shedding Light On the Answer

Now that you know how to remove a spotlight bulb, you can do so safely. Making the switch to LED bulbs means you’ll have to switch them out less often, as they last longer than other types.Are you looking for more lighting tips for your home or yard? Read our recent post on energy-efficient lights to help you make the most of your space.


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