How to create a beauty space inside your home

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How To Create A Beauty Space Inside Your Home

Do you have an area in your home where you go to get ready for school or work or when you’re on your way to see friends? It can be as simple as one area of your bedroom, a whole room dedicated to your cosmetics or even your closet. It doesn’t have to be a vast space full of expensive items, but a space that fits your style and personality.

Here are some ideas on how to make a beauty room that’s truly yours.

Choose A Room Corner 

If you’ve been seeing beauty rooms on TV and thinking you don’t have enough space, you don’t even need room to have your own beauty space. You only need small salon decor ideas to jazz up even a compact area.

A vanity area can be as simple as one corner of your bedroom. Choose a small corner table with compartments to keep cosmetics and other beauty essentials. You don’t need significant changes and only use a small space you already have.  

Get A Large Mirror 

A beauty space staple is a good mirror. The size will depend on your preference, as long as you can see yourself. You can make the mirror the room’s focal point by considering the size, frame and where you want to place it. You can also think about what area or object it would reflect. 

You can also choose to get a large full-body mirror, which is helpful if you want to see what you look like in an outfit. If you want to add elegance to your beauty space, you can opt for a vintage mirror if your room has a neutral look.

Use a clothes rack and showcase your clothes to add colour and make dressing up more convenient. Add a vase of flowers to your table, a tufted settee and furry fabrics.  

Use Wallpaper 

A unique and creative use of wallpaper is adding texture to the walls. One good thing about wallpaper is the variety of colours and designs you can mix and match. If you’re going for a specific theme for your beautiful space, you can choose how the area will look using wallpapers.  

You can mix patterns, go for subtle floral designs, nature-inspired prints and much more. You can choose mural-like motifs if you don’t want an all-out design. You can match the colour of the wallpaper to the rug, add stripes instead or add wallpaper only to the beauty space area.  

Decide On Lighting 

Lighting is essential for your beauty space. Because when you have the proper illumination while putting on makeup, you can use your cosmetic and tools better. There are various lights to choose from, but natural lighting is the best as it is soft and delicate and helps match your makeup to your skin tone.

You can place your vanity table by the window and use natural lighting during the day. But if this isn’t possible, choose an LED light that emits white light. There are various LED lamps, but a ring light is also a good choice as they are brighter. When shopping for lighting, look for one with a colour rendering index of 90, which is closer to natural lighting.

Use Decorative Jars For Storage 

Many storage options are available for you, but sometimes you don’t even need to buy some if you have decorative jars. You can store your tools, such as makeup brushes and favourite products. 

Arrange them on your vanity table so the items you regularly use are within arm’s reach. Keep them within your view if you use mascara, brow pencils and lip gloss wands. Store the pieces you only use a few times weekly in your drawers to minimise clutter. 

Show Off Your Favourite Pieces 

Some decorative pieces, such as perfume bottles, are too pretty or unique to hide away. Various clothing and accessories can also serve as decorative pieces. Display them on shelves and tables in your beauty space. It makes your space more personal and showcases your eye for beautiful things.

Even if you have a small space, it’s one of the easiest ways to make a beautiful space because you don’t need to keep buying new things when you have items on hand that can help you create this unique space. You can add indoor plants, move your favourite art piece near your beauty space or keep your fragrance diffuser on your vanity table.  


It doesn’t take much to build a beautiful space in your home. You can pick a corner of your bedroom, decorate with your preferred wallpaper design, bring in a mirror and work with storage and decorative items you already have. The goal is to make it into what you want and create it into what would be both functional and stylish according to your tastes.   


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