Top tips to creatively use wallpaper

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Top Tips to Creatively Use Wallpaper

Wallpapers are known to elevate the beauty of any home. However, what most people do not know is that these wallpapers are also available in various styles that can bring about a drastic difference in the appearance of the homes.

Whether you wish to purchase wallpaper for a retro style bedroom or one for a more contemporary bathroom with modern walk in bath tubs, these wallpapers will always emerge a winner. These styles are classic and timeless and look appealing.

Besides, they set the tone for that particular room and this thematic approach is one of the most creative ways to design your home. Given below are some creative ideas that you can incorporate into various rooms of your home to highlight a particular feature in every room.

Patterned Wallpaper

This is the most common type of wallpapers that most people use for their walls. It is traditional and it is very classy. There is a plethora of designs available when it comes to patterned wallpapers. 

Although it is a great option, you must only opt for this if you want to play safe. The simple reason for this is the fact that you can never go wrong with patterned wallpaper. It involves minimal or absolutely no risk.

However, some people prefer bold, robust colours and designs. Therefore, they must stay away from the patterned variety and instead opt for the other options that are available.

These patterned wallpapers are great for every room, however, sometimes, they may look monotonous and there may be a need to break away from it and experiment with something more novel.

Photo Wallpaper

The best way to make use of this type of wallpaper is by using it to adorn the walls of young children. Customising these wallpapers is probably one of the greatest benefits and therefore, if your child likes watching a particular cartoon on television, you can use that to create a wallpaper design wherein all of your children’s favourite cartoon characters are present.

The best thing about using photo wallpaper is that it is not just meant for kids but youngsters and adults can also use a photograph that is close to their heart and have it all over their walls by way of photo wallpapers.

Vintage Wallpaper

This is another very popular choice for people who like to add a classic touch to their homes. These wallpapers look especially good when you have a room filled with antique furniture and gadgets. This can be highlighted by the application of wallpaper with a vintage feel to it.

There is a variety of vintage designs and patterns available and it will leave you spoilt for choice. Therefore, if you have any antique items locked up in the attic, this is a good time to get them out and elevate their appearance with the vintage themed wallpapers.

Wallpaper With Quotes

This is especially suitable for teenagers wherein they have too much to cope up with and may often feel exhausted and mentally spent. Having a section of their room lined with wallpapers covered with motivational quotes can be thoroughly inspirational and can work wonders to build a positive image among them.

This is a novel and an excellent way to lift up a person’s mood. However, this is not strictly confined to a teenager’s room and anyone who wishes to wake up to motivational thoughts can have this creative version of the wallpaper put up on the walls of their rooms.


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