Most common roofing problems and how to solve them

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Most Common Roofing Problems and How to Solve Them

The roof of your home is your first line of defence against the elements. As such, any common roofing problems should be dealt with as a matter of urgency. However, it’s understandable that not all of us are roofing experts and it might be hard to know what’s wrong with your roof and how to fix it.

Rest assured that in this article we’ll be listing some of the most common roofing issues to look out for as well as what you can do to solve them to prevent damage to your home from the weather and debris.

Faulty Installation

Not confident in your roof installation company? It’s likely that a roof which has been improperly installed will cause problems further down the line. Whether the tiles have been laid wrong, allowing water to enter the property, or the seals – using flashing – around joints hasn’t be applied correctly, you’ll be paying more for repairs than you might have saved using a cheap company.

Solution: Only use a reputable and reliable local roofing company – this includes for roof maintenance and repairs if you’ve found a previous company has done a poor job.

Roof Leaks

Rain, melting ice and general moisture collecting on your roof can easily make its way into your property, wreaking havoc if you have leaks in your roof. A leak may initially be hard to spot, but if it’s because of a nail which has been improperly hammered you might notice damp stains in the area.

Solution: Depending on your familiarity with roof repairs, it could be a simple task – but it’s always advisable to get a professional to take a look as there could be a wider issue on the outside of the roof even if you know when the leak is on the inside.

Hail Damage

A rarer weather event, hailstorms can be particularly damaging for roofs. Whether you have regular tiles or an asphalt roof, it can be damaged by the bombardment of hailstones. When your tiles or roof covering is damaged in this way, it becomes more susceptible to ingress of water and the suns rays.

Solution: Replace the damaged tiles or roof surfacing when you notice it has become worn or cracked.

Bad Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashing which has been poorly implemented means you could see more wear on the mortar and tiles around the chimney, as well as the risk of water ingress into your property. Flashing should be step flashed and counterflashing should also be used to create a proper seal.

Solution: Chimney repairs from a specialist is the only solution to this problem unless you have experience in flashing for roofs. This will help to protect your property for years to come.

chimney repair

Gutter Problems

Gutters are important for diverting rainwater away from a property. Without this crucial addition to your roof, water would pour down your walls and even settle around your property, causing bigger problems for your home. Where guttering is not aligned properly, blocked or is missing the correct apron, you’ll find you have issues with water damage.

Solution: Regular maintenance of your gutter to clear our debris should help prevent blockages, but where damaged or poorly installed guttering is an issue, you may need to call on a professional for dedicated guttering services for your property.

Vent Flashing Failure

Cracks around your roofing ventilation is another way rainwater can get into your property and cause damage. Much like your chimney, it’s important to check that the flashing around your vent has been applied properly.

Solution: While you can attempt to repair this yourself, professional flashing from a skilled specialist is recommended to prolong the integrity of your roof.

No one wants to wrestle with damp problems, or worse, structural issues. Having a specialist provide repairs and maintenance can help protect your home and will see it last longer than if you try to tackle complex tasks yourself – especially when it comes to emergency roofing repairs.


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