Is Your Home Damp?!

Damp in your home can cause mould to grow on the walls and furniture and can even cause your timber window frames to rot. If left untreated it could encourage mites to move in and even increase the risk of allergies / illnesses, including asthma.

If you notice any of these symptoms it’s always best to call in a professional damp proofing specialist. They can diagnose the cause of the damp and help you to remove it.

Causes of Damp

  • Rising Damp – Resulting from moisture in the ground penetrating the building through a faulty damp proofing layer.
  • Rain – Broken roof tiles, leaky window sills or blocked guttering can allow rainwater to get into your home causing damp.
  • Leaking Pipes – Water from overflows or leaks can go unnoticed for a while, allowing damp to develop in your home.
  • Condensation – One of the most common causes, condensation usually results in mould growing in corners and around windows.

It’s essential that your damp is treated quickly or it will spread throughout your home, ruining your decoration and plaster, rotting timber and risking the health of you and your family. If left long enough, it can even spread into the masonry affecting the structural integrity of your home, which can be costly to remedy, to say the least!

So long as it’s caught early enough, the mould can be removed with a simple fungicidal wash but your home will need drying out with heat, ventilation and depending on the extent, a dehumidifier. But first it is essential you have a professional damp proofing company in Nottingham diagnose the damp and remove its cause. They can advise you on the extent of the damage and the best course of action.


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