Why Visiting a Kitchen Showroom Before Buying a New Kitchen is a Must

In today’s digital age, online shopping has never been easier. You can purchase practically anything on the Internet – even a new kitchen. But although this is convenient and gives you much greater access to available products, sometimes you have to see something in person before you buy it. And unlike with clothes or shoes that don’t fit, you can’t send a kitchen back!

When it comes to buying a new kitchen, visiting a showroom is a must. At Multiliving, specialists in Italian kitchens, we always encourage customers to come out to our showroom and have a look around before committing to a purchase. Often, our clients find that what appealed to them online doesn’t fit their tastes at all in person!

That’s only one reason why you should visit a showroom before buying. Here are 4 more considerations before purchasing your new kitchen.


 Find Inspiration

Maybe you’ve already done some looking online at inspiring kitchen designs. Isn’t that what Pinterest is for after all? But perhaps you haven’t done any research at all and you have no idea what your preferences are.

That can easily be remedied by a visit to a showroom. With full kitchens set up and on display, you can walk through the room and get a feel for what your kitchen could look like. Obviously, the showroom won’t replicate the exact measures and angles of your kitchen at home, but showrooms are meant to be more general and give you ideas.

When you see kitchens fully equipped, with cabinets, appliances, lighting, and the little details, it gives you a clear image of what’s possible in your own home. You might see designs you hadn’t thought of yourself. This is exactly the experience we try to give to clients who visit our kitchen showroom.

Consult the Experts

Inspiration is one of the primary reasons to visit a showroom. Another is a chance to speak with kitchen experts. Kitchen showrooms are always fully staffed with specialists ready to answer questions about their products. They’re also there to give you advice on buying a new kitchen.

The chance to speak with a kitchen specialist in person isn’t something you can get shopping online. Of course, you can send emails, make phone calls, even use live chat windows. But there’s often a delay or misunderstanding through these channels. It’s also possible you’ve seen a kitchen or particular design online and you’d like to bring your questions with you to the showroom.

Showroom representatives are in place to answer your queries and assuage any concerns you may have. They love talking about kitchens – it’s their job! So take advantage of their passion and knowledge by visiting a showroom.

Walk Through Before You Buy

If you’re very particular about your kitchen – which you should be! – then you’ll want to walk through an example kitchen before buying. A new kitchen is an investment and you should be certain that you’re spending your money on exactly what you want.

By visiting a kitchen showroom, you have a chance to “test-run” a kitchen. Of course, you can’t bring your pots and pans and cook a meal in a showroom! But you can walk around the kitchen island, open the cabinets, and imagine yourself preparing dinner in this kitchen. You’d be surprised how many clients we have pantomiming cooking in our showroom, to determine if it’s a good fit for them.

Walking through a showroom also lets you see the true hues of the granite countertops, the shine of the Italian kitchen appliances, and how the colours of the cabinets might reflect natural versus artificial light. As any seasoned online shopper will know, things aren’t always as they appear online. By visiting a showroom beforehand, you have a chance to see exactly what you get.

Inspect the Quality of the Kitchen

Visiting a showroom also gives you a chance to preview the quality of the kitchen you’re planning to buy. Check for things like flimsy hinges on cabinet doors, or if the backs of cabinet doors are sealed in the same coating as the fronts.

Look as well as the paint job – doors coated in polyurethane should have a shine to them, not ripples. Check as well for how clean and well-kept the showroom is, as a high-end kitchen manufacturer will keep an immaculate showroom to show their commitment to their customers.

Details over quality like these aren’t available online. Indeed, you can only spot these small things by visiting the showroom in person.

 Final Thoughts

In this day in age, it might seem to make more sense of staying in the comfort of your home and shopping for a new kitchen online. But if you want quality and secure investment, like the Italian kitchens we offer at Multiliving, then visiting the showroom is unavoidable.