To Skimp or Not To Skimp? Upholstery Stain Protection

It’s something that every house has – somewhere to sit. Whether it’s a sofa or an armchair, a futon, or a chaise long, for decades Brits across the country have enjoyed nothing more than sitting down for a comfortable rest after a hard day’s work.

In this post of To Skimp or Not To Skimp, the question we’re considering is whether upholstery stain protection (usually offered by the manufacturer) is worth it?


For Stain Protection

Wax CrayonsKids – Perhaps the number one reason why the average household will seek stain protection is to defend against the attack of children! Sticky fingers, dirty shoes, crayons, mishaps – the list could go on as to why sofas and children don’t mix.

Without the special anti-stain coating, a parent could repeatedly be required to scrub, rub and wipe down your settee to remove the traces their kids have left behind. Wax crayon isn’t the easiest thing to shift, so the cost of special fabric stain removal products means costs could continue.

Dog hairs on SofaPets – If it’s not the kids, it’ll likely be the dog or the cat that’ll leave a lasting mark on the sofa. Muddy paws, malting hairs, slobber and scratches all come part of the pet package. Even if you don’t allow your pets onto the settee, sitting alongside or them jumping up at you could leave unwanted dirt on your suite.

Food – if it’s a rainy day outside and there’s a film on the television, sitting down with a bowl of your favourite nibbles means plenty of opportunity for crumbs, grease and sauce stains.

Opting for fabric stain protection means that in the unwanted event that ketchup does drop from your bacon roll, you’ll have a better chance of removing the red mark afterwards.

Wine – Would you dare try out the white wine on red wine removes the stain, when it’s actually on your cream couch? The repercussions of a glass too many go hand in hand with an increasing likelihood of spillages.

Whilst you would probably require cling filmed seats to get away with a red wine spillage completely, fabric stain protection nowadays aids wiping away spillages, as the liquid cannot penetrate and soak into the fibres.


Against Stain Protection

Steam CleaningChemicals – you don’t necessarily have to opt for the chemical that helps enable a more stain free surface. Instead there is always the option to steam cleaning your settee. Using the power of hot steam, bacteria, smells & stains should be removed. Obviously though, steam cleaning won’t be suitable on all fabric types; you could damage special materials by applying moisture and in turn, dampness.

Self-discipline – if the sofa is a place for sitting, make sure it stays that way, that’s the mentality of a well-disciplined domestic god. Eating, drinking and other activities should be done in the appropriate place.

Wise colour choice – A black sofa won’t suffer from any of these problems, right? A black sofa should reasonably be able to get away with a range of stains. A black leather sofa benefits even more due to it’s inherent quality of being able to wipe away any spillages or marks.

Stain protection productsUpfront cost vs ongoing – Some will argue that the upfront cost of having stain protection applied could be used over the lifespan of the sofa, for upholstery cleaning services or products. In turn, this would mean that your sofa looks better (hopefully) across it’s lifespan, than it would with super strong protection up front, which gradually breaks down over time, losing its effectiveness.