The Pros To A New Mattress

If you have ever stayed in a luxury hotel and thought to yourself, “I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud,” you understand the value of a good mattress. Going home to your own bed afterwards may have been disappointing, but you can remedy that by purchasing a new mattress. Some of the pros to buying a new mattress are listed below.

More refreshing sleep

A good night of sleep is priceless. A night spent tossing and turning is not only frustrating but it affects your ability to perform daily tasks the next morning. Being well rested is beneficial to your physical, intellectual and mental health. It helps to keep the immune system functioning at peak performance to fight off illness and disease, allows the brain to refresh for clearer thinking and better memory retention and keeps emotions from being exaggerated, reducing conflict and stress simultaneously.

Relaxed muscles

An unsupportive mattress will leave you waking up with stiff and achy muscles and joints. A new mattress, tested and suited for your body, supports your body in such a way as to allow muscles to relax and cells to rebuild while you sleep. If you have back and neck pain frequently, your mattress could be the culprit. A new mattress will last longer than a chiropractic adjustment and be less expensive in the long run.


Every time you sleep on a mattress you transfer body oils and skin cells to the mattress. These oils and particles attract dust mites that take up residence in your mattress. Washing sheets and mattress protectors does not remove these squatters from your mattress, and vacuuming mattresses is not something most people do. Over time, the skin cells and dust mites add weight to your mattress, effectively changing the density and physical characteristics of your mattress. A new mattress provides a fresh and clean place to sleep.

A level surface

Over time, your body creates a rut in the mattress in the location you most often sleep. It is an understandable phenomenon given the amount of hours your body weight rests in that spot, but it serves to diminish the support your mattress once provided. Some advise owners to rotate or flip the mattress to return some support to your sleeping position. This can only be done so many times before the mattress contains multiple ruts and next to no support. A new mattress offers a clean slate with a level, supportive surface to give you the restful night your body so desperately needs.

Experts recommend buying a new mattress every five to seven years in order to ensure proper support and healthy body rest. With the number of different types, heights and sizes of mattresses, it would likely behoove you to do some test-resting on a few to determine what is most beneficial to you and your body’s needs. Some are firmer, some have pillow tops, and others are made of memory foam. Only your body can say which is best for you.