Making your Bed to Transform your Room

Your bed can say a lot about you, and has the power to change the entire mood of a room.

Consider the way you currently make your bed, do you just let the duvet hang over the frame? That’s a simple and effective look which works best with decorative and bold printed bed sheets, but there are a host of other ways to make your bed, which can surprisingly yet subtly transform your room.

The ‘Partial Roll-Down’

This is a cosy and inviting look which works well with thick duvets. If you have a bed throw, this is an effective way of hiding the top edge and incorporating different colours and/or designs.

The ‘Tight and Tailored Tuck’

This is a great method of showing off a good-looking bed frame, or a bed with a foot board. It also creates a tailored, tidy look which works great in contemporary designed bedrooms. Have children? Use this method on bunk beds to keep them looking smart.

The ‘Pillow Lover’

A bundle of pillows immediately makes a bed look comfortable and inviting. It may be a but unpractical for some, who end up throwing them all on the floor at bed time; I find this look works bed for guest beds that aren’t used as often. Bold, decorative pillows work well with neutral bedding, and can add colour and warmth to a simple room.

The ‘Layered Look’

This works well if you use a combination of sheets and throws instead of an actual duvet. Leaving a single sheet all the way up and staggering the remaining sheets and throws down the bed is a unique style and is an effective design staple. This look is perfect for creating cosiness and warmth – especially in the winter months.

The ‘Bed Skirt’

Bed skirts or dust ruffles are great at covering old, unsightly bed frames or hiding items stored under the bed. A more traditional design, bed skirts work well with country/cottage themes.