Make Sure Your Drainage System Is Ready For The Heat

Summer is a special time of year. As the weather warms and you break out the BBQ for an afternoon of good times and great food, the last thing you want is an unappetising smell taking over your garden area from an unclean drain. So, before you start stocking the freezer with ice and setting up the garden furniture, think about making a call to a drain specialist and make sure those drains don’t ruin a good time.

Hot Weather and Bacteria

If your drainage is having issues and there is a blockage, the hot weather will definitely bring it to the forefront. Most of that terrible stench you smell is a result of bacteria that’s made a home in the blockage. Bacteria thrives in war

m temperatures. In fact, it proliferates extensively given the right environment and your drain is exactly that. Warm, moist and full of things to feed on. So, before the warmer weather sets in, it’s important to get a jump on the problem and have a professional come out and address your drains.

Roots and Other Growth

Most people would think their drain is more likely to get a blockage in winter, which of course happens as well. But, one of the reasons summer can cause major issues with your drainage is the growth of trees and other plants. The extra daylight and warmer temperatures mean the trees around your property will grow and with that their roots are going to search for any surrounding water.

Even a small leak will become a major issue if the root grows into a crack in your pipes and expands it. Having a professional check out and/or clean your pipes before this happens is always a good idea.

Preventative Maintenance

The key to keeping your drainage system in tip top shape is all about maintenance. Drainage systems can have all manner of problems. However, in almost every case, it is a direct result of build up over long periods of neglect.

To prevent this, you should schedule a regular round of maintenance with a specialist in blocked drains Waterlooville residents rely on. Waterlooville has a number of quality professionals to choose from. Make sure to check out their reviews and ask around to see if they are a respected service.

Things You Can Do

Drains often get blocked as a result of things that can be easily avoided. Grease, oil and fat should never make their way down the drain at all if you can help it. You’ll want to make sure to throw any excess food in the bin and scrape all grease possible before you put it in your sink to wash.

Over time, fat and grease congeal in your pipes and become a festival of bacteria. So next time you are washing up, take the time to scrape and wipe down your dishes before they make the journey to your sink.