Keep Your House Warm With Floor Heating

Underfloor HeatingHave you ever walked across a cold floor? It’s not very pleasant. No doubt, a significant part of your household’s budget goes toward staying warm during winter. Heating your home using conventional forced air units sends heated air currents at ceiling level first before it ever heats the floor. As a result, you may still feel cold drafts on your floors that will force you to raise your temperature setting sending your energy bill through the roof!

On the other hand, opting to heat your house from underneath the floor allows you to enjoy constant heat in your living space from the ground up. Keeping your feet warm would be the obvious reason for installing heated floors. Further, you’ll also notice reduction with energy costs due to better distribution of heat from a water or electric underfloor heating system. For those who have allergies, underfloor heating even reduces the circulation of allergens and does not affect the air quality.

Why Use Floor Heating Online?

Since the launch of its website in 2003, Floor Heating is one of the leading online underfloor heating sales companies in the United Kingdom. It has a wide range of products and accessories, such as mats, kits, systems, thermostats and insulation that are cost effective. Floor Heating’s underfloor heating experts will provide advice about the installation process of each product, how to use underfloor heaters and tips on how to save money during the winter.

Heated Floor Systems are Versatile

Because heated floor systems are room specific, you can opt to heat a single room or several, depending upon your needs. Heated systems come in two types: hydronic radiant and electric radiant. Electric radiant heat flooring is delivered by electric heating cables. Hydronic radiant floor heating systems work via boiler that delivers hot water that is then pumped through PEX plastic tubing installed underneath the surface of the flooring to be heated. Both these systems have one thing in common. They depend on a network of thermostat controlled cables that are installed underneath the floor’s surface and operate via sensors to keep your floors at an ideal temperature.

Typically, electric radiant floor heating systems are the most practical, inexpensive and versatile choice for most projects and requires less maintenance. However, for bigger installation floor heating projects, a hydronic heat system offers a less expensive operation cost than an electric radiant floor heating system. The biggest challenge that comes with choosing hydronic heated floor systems deals with the process of installing thick plastic tubes underneath the flooring correctly.

Floor Heating Offers Heating for Various Sub-flooring Materials

In addition, heated floor mats can be conveniently directly installed under natural stone, ceramic tile, hardwood and even under carpet to provide uniform, floor temperatures in your entryway, kitchen, bathroom or conservatory. The price that Floor Heating Online quotes is always accurate. If you’re unsure what type of underfloor heating meets your needs, you can find more detailed information about Floor Heating Online’s heating systems and kits here.