Fitted Kitchens: The Family Choice

The modern family spends more and more time in the kitchen these days. Even as recently at the eighties, the kitchen would simply be somewhere to cook meals and prepare drinks but advances in technology and cultural shifts have meant that a new fitted kitchen can offer so much more.

Spacious islands, granite work surfaces and other such advancements have meant that kids and adults now spend far more time in the kitchen. Indeed, many people will have been to parties at which the kitchen is the engine room.


German Kitchens

Not least due to their meticulous attention to detail and eye for a chic and elegant look, the Germans have emerged over the last decade as the very best at producing the best fitted kitchens. The likes of Pronorm Kitchens have established a sterling reputation and their designs are sought after across the globe.

Hive of Activity

As mentioned, the 21st century kitchen has become the heart of the family home. No sooner are the pots and pans away than the kids could have their painting kits or transformers out. With this in mind, the very latest fitted kitchens are also manufactured with safety completely in mind. They also need to be comfortable and in a clean environment – all modern German kitchens are incredibly easy to maintain.

New Styles

Part of the beauty of fitted kitchens is the fact that they are ever changing and customisable dependent on your needs and family size. For example, many of the leading kitchen suppliers offer modern alternatives such as the Y-line handleless kitchen or laminate designs. From the floor to the work surface or even the cabinets – every aspect of the fitted kitchen can now be utterly bespoke.


This said, the function of the kitchen should still predominantly be to cook. With this in mind, many modern fitted kitchens are extremely flexible when it comes to appliances. Some home makers would prefer to have three smaller ovens situated around the kitchen, rather than one cumbersome one. This can be applied to a number of other devices around the room.


The best idea for anyone wanting to learn more about German fitted kitchen is to visit one of the showrooms situated around the UK. There are plenty to choose from although the firms based around the London and Kent area tend to have more choice and better customer reviews.