Finding The Right Roofing Materials: Four Roofing Options For The Home

Every home needs a solid roof, but there are a variety of choices available for roof construction that make the roof look and feel unique.  The type of material you use will depend, in part, on the kind of roof you have, and the amount of money that you are willing to spend on the project.  There is a perfect roofing material for every situation, and you will be able to find a solution that you like the look of and that fits your budget.


One of the most common types of roofing materials today are asphalt shingles.  They are popular because they are extremely easy to install and they are very cheap.  Homeowners can do a lot of their own roof repairs with asphalt shingles because they are so easy to put into place.  Asphalt shingles can also come in a wide range of colors that are designed to match the exterior of almost every kind of home on the market.  They last a long time, and most asphalt shingles carry a limited lifetime warranty that will cover damage that the roof might suffer.  Overall, this is the best choice for homeowners with a tight budget.


The upgrade to asphalt shingles are cedar shakes.  These wooden roofing materials are customizable to meet the whims of the homeowner, and they can be treated to resist damage from the elements and even fire.  Cedar shanks do require some specialized knowledge, and there are not many companies that have the expertise to install cedar shanks.  Homeowners who are willing to do a little digging to find the right contractor will be very pleased with the fifty year warranty and the amazing appearance of their cedar roofs.


Metal roofing has fallen out of favor a little bit in recent years because of the cost of the materials, but it is slowly making a comeback.  Metal roofs resist damage from the outside much better than other roofing materials, and they do not have to be replaced nearly as often.  On the other hand, the roof will need to be repainted every year or so to make sure that the roof continues to look good, even after it has been around a while.  For colors, homeowners are limited only to the kind of color they can think up for the job.


Rubber roofs are a design that is only suitable for roofs that have very little pitch.  The roof must be installed perfectly, or there will be leaks, and there are not very many companies that can do this kind of roof without problems.  Homeowners who want to install a rubber roof need to talk to their contractor and get references and examples of rubber roofs they have done before so the homeowner can have a little peace of mind that the contractor can do the work and there will be less reason to worry that the roof will fail.  Be very wary of rubber roofs, and if another option is available, the best thing that the homeowner can do is take a different approach.

All of the different types of roofs can be installed by the various roofers in the area, so it is important to shop around for a roofer that can do the kind of roof that the homeowner wants done.  Remember, communication is the most important thing, and if the roofer does not know what the customer wants, the roofer will not be able to get the job done satisfactorily.

Author Bio

I am Laura Winters and I just had my roof replaced by Reading roofers Zimmerman Exteriors, in a process that was totally pain free.  They answered all of the questions that I had and went over my roofing options without pressuring me to choose one option over another.  I wrote this article to share some of the things that I learned so that homeowners can be a little more knowledgeable about their roofing desires when they speak to their roofing contractor.  To see examples of the kinds of roofs I talked about visit