Erecting A Fence ~ Wooden or Concrete Fence Posts?

Concrete Fence PostsFor a sturdy, long lasting fence, you need solid support. But the question is which is better? Wooden or concrete fence posts?

Concrete benefits from being hardwearing. In 50 years a concrete fence post has the potential to be standing. Compare that with wood, which by its very nature is a degradable material and over time, if not stained and treated, will become weathered, potentially rotting.

Wooden fence posts do benefit in that they are lighter to put in place, making the whole fence construction job easier. Obviously they will also blend in with the fence panels they are supporting.

Concrete fence posts cost more than wood and can rattle, when the panel is exposed to high winds. This can be overcome with some carefully placed wedges.

Wooden Fence PostsThey are also extremely heavy however, normally requiring two men. Admittedly, this heft is what helps define concrete as a strong, sturdy fence panel support.

The question remains, which is it for you? Wooden or concrete fence posts?