Characteristics Of A Beautifully Designed Home

When we watch interior design shows or flick through magazines, all the interiors seem to exude a certain amount of class and charm. This is because designers and stylists follow certain rules when setting up interiors for photoshoots.

Those homes don’t always look like that but they do have a few characteristics that other homes don’t.


No Clutter

The best homes have been designed with plenty of storage space. If you want to make your home look pristine and tidy at all times you can invest in some pretty storage such as sideboards and cabinets. These are great ways to show off some of your more decorative items without having them littered around the house.

You might want to use the mantelpiece as an area for home accessories such as ornaments and vases. However, if you place too many of these in one place it can look a bit messy. Stick to one or two bold, statement items.

Lots of Light

Natural light can help make rooms look larger and more welcoming. Obviously big windows and architectural features like roof lanterns make the most difference but there are ways to enhance the natural light already in your home.

Mirrors and pale-colours on the walls will help reflect light to other parts of the room. The same goes for your furniture. A dark sofa will absorb all the light so you might want to brighten it with light-coloured cushions and throws.

Dining table and chair sets in light woods such as oak can also help to reflect the light. If you prefer dinner table sets in either darker wood or a different material then consider breaking it up with a runner or table cloth.

Mixing Materials

Homes can look boring if they stick to one theme. A leather and metal look might work well in one room but throughout the house it can look a bit oppressive. Even if you are going for a metal-heavy, modern scheme, mix it up by including wood, glass and soft fabrics in small quantities.


While you do see a lot of monochrome colour schemes, these aren’t always the most striking. While black and white looks good, most people are going to be more blown away by a pop of colour on that sort of back drop than a continuation of the theme throughout the house.

If you have a lot of decorative pieces in bold colours then make sure they are against a neutral background. White walls and simple furniture look amazing when decorated with a bright rug, tall block-colour vase and a bold print or piece of art.


Real homes tend to be designed with practicality at the forefront of most people’s minds. Don’t let the need for a beautiful home override the need for a practical one.

It might look better in photos if you don’t have an island in your kitchen. That way everyone can see your beautiful range cooker but what about all that empty space? An island gives you more work surface and storage.