Boost Your Home’s Sale Price

Bedroom InteriorThere is plenty of evidence to suggest that human psychology is quite predictable when it comes to first impressions, and we make our mind up about a lot of things almost immediately. When it comes to selling your home you have to create strong kerb-appeal and work on aspects within the house that make a lasting first impression, so that you can get the best possible price when you agree a sale.


There is always plenty of advice around for homeowners about what improvements add the most value but when it comes to getting value for money and sometimes working on a very tight budget, these home improvements are normally money well spent.


Mini Makeover for your bathroom


The two rooms in your home that get the most wear and tear are almost always going to be the bathroom and the kitchen, and the smallest room in the house can always benefit from a mini-makeover without having to break the bank.


Not much turns off a potential buyer more than seeing a tired or old-fashioned bathroom and there is a decent chance that you will probably recoup most of your financial outlay in sprucing up the bathroom, provided you are sensible with your choice of fittings and décor.


A gleaming white bathroom suite with clean tiles is almost always going to be attractive to buyers and clearing the clutter away with a few cabinets and storage ideas will make your bathroom easy on the eye without having to spend a lot to get it that way.


Outdoor Living Space


Don’t neglect your garden space when it comes to maximising the potential value of your property. Even if you have a small garden to work with, make sure that it is neatly kept and invest in a few patio pots and some shrubs to give the garden a mini-makeover without having to spend fortunes.


Many buyers want to see an outdoor living space that they can imagine spending time in on those hot summer nights or at least huddled around a heater if the sun decides to stay away, so clear away any debris and give the beds a lift with a few new plants.



The Heart of the Home


Many people choose to buy a house because of the kitchen more than any other room in the house, and understandably it is often considered as the heart of the home.


It is estimated that if you spend wisely, you could recoup at least 90% of your outlay when it comes to giving your kitchen a decent makeover and making it more attractive and valuable in the process.


The trick is often to try and put personal preferences to one side and concentrate on creating a kitchen space that is both attractive and practical. You may well be an accomplished chef in the kitchen and want the best of everything when it comes to equipment like ovens and work surfaces, but you can quickly overspend if you get too carried away.


The kitchen upgrades that often work the best are good quality worktops and a decent mid-range cooker, so give the buyer what they are looking for without going overboard on your expenditure and you should get most of your money back when you sell your home.


Kerb Appeal


Any experienced estate agent such as Agent Harvest, will tell you that you can spend thousands on getting the inside of your home up to scratch but if you don’t give your property the right amount kerb-appeal, you will struggle to get potential buyers to bother coming through the front door.


Make sure that the window frames get a fresh coat of paint if they need it and tidy up the guttering and any other aspects about the front of the property that look a bit scruffy. You might want to consider investing in a pressure-washer so that you can give the paths and driveway and thorough clean, so that you create that all-important excellent first impression when buyers come to view.


Arthur Young has a knack for property selling. From staging to negotiating sales, he enjoys blogging about the ins and outs of buying and selling in today’s housing market.