Will a garage extension add value to your home?

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Will A Garage Extension Add Value To Your Home?

If you’re looking for a secure place to park your car and additional storage space in your home, a garage extension may seem the obvious choice. The question, however is whether or not building and extension add value to your home? 

The average build cost is thought to be around £9,000. So, once you’ve factored in the time, hassle and how much it costs to build a garage, is it worth doing? In order to answer that question, you’ll need to look at the two different types of garages.

What type of garage extension should I go for?

If you’re considering building a garage extension, you’ll have to decide what type of garage extension will work best for you. Not only does this affect material and labour costs, but it could determine how much value it adds to your home. You could choose a traditionally built brick garage or opt for a prefab version.

A traditional garage is built from solid brick or in some cases concrete blocks and an outer skin of brick. Traditional brick and block garage extensions allows for a seamless extension build. The usual place to put it is on the side of your house, where there is often an underused space you can utilise. 

It’s normally straightforward to install an electricity and water supply and create internal access, making it ideal to use as a utility room as well as a garage. For large families, this is a very practical bonus. So, although planning and building costs can be high, you could add much more in terms of value.

Prefab garages are built from a range of materials with concrete, metal and wood being the most common. In a modular or kit form, they’re often quicker and easier to build. And in total, they can cost less than half the price of a traditional brick garage. So, they’re an attractive prospect. 

However, prefab garages do have their downsides. They’re usually designed to stand detached from the house. This means you may need more space to erect one. Plus, it can be difficult to add in services such as electricity. So, standing apart from your home, it’s not a particularly useful space to put your white goods and won’t have the potential to convert into a future living space. This does limit the value it can add to your home.

How to make sure it adds value

Whatever you decide on, you want to be sure it adds some value and in order to do that, there are some important points you’ll need to consider. 

Firstly, make sure the garage style matches that of your home to retain its kerb appeal. It should also be a practical size to accommodate modern car widths and allow doors to open without hitting the walls. Plus, your car should be able to pull in and out without difficulty, so easy access to the road is a must. And outdoor lighting and secure locks are a good idea too.

The type of home you have may also determine whether building a garage will add value. For example, if adding a garage to the side means it meets the neighbouring garage, your home will become link detached rather than detached. Not only does this require more planning, but it could affect your home’s value negatively. 

And if your home is detached with plenty of outside space, then it may be wiser to add a detached double garage. Although it will cost more, it may be more attractive to potential buyers in the future. To be sure, check what other people in your area have done and ask estate agents what buyers are looking for.


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