Why using a junk removal company is environmentally friendly

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Why Using a Junk Removal Company is Environmentally Friendly

When you start your spring cleaning or have rubbish to get rid of, the last thing on your mind is probably, “How can I dispose of all this in an environmentally friendly way?” When it comes to junk removal, most of us just want it gone. But knowing the facts on waste management – that landfills are still the number-two disposal option for the whole of the UK, that the recycling rate for UK households was only 46% in 2017, and that the UK generated 222.9 million tonnes of waste in 2016 – tugs at your conscience a bit. 

So how do you reconcile your need for rubbish removal with your guilt over the environment? By hiring a professional junk collection company. Using rubbish collection services removes the hassle of hauling away waste and helps to safeguard the environment. Here are 5 ways that junk removal companies are environmentally friendly.


Junk Is Sorted Correctly

In the UK, there are many standards in place concerning proper rubbish disposal. These rules can be confusing if you’re not well-versed in them. Since most of us may not have time to read up on our local junk clearance policies, it’s better to let a company handle it.

By trusting your rubbish removal to a company, you ensure that your waste gets sorted correctly, that materials which can be recycled or re-used actually are. It also saves you the hassle of taking all your rubbish to a donation centre, only to find out that they won’t accept your items. Professional companies will also guarantee that green waste, like yard waste, stays green. Branches, leaves, and other yard rubbish can be composted into fertiliser, so these materials shouldn’t just be thrown in the bin.

Charities Receive Donations

Experts in rubbish clearance don’t just properly sort and recycle junk, they try to re-use as much of it as possible. Old furniture, clothes, bicycles, and other such items can be donated to charities, where they can be re-used. Waste removal companies are likely to work with homeless shelters, women’s organisations, or youth shelters, to see if they have a need for any of the items they collect.

Consequently, eco-friendly junk companies that commit to re-using and recycling help charities as well as the environment. We may not realise it, but most of our “rubbish” can find a new home elsewhere. Re-purposing or refurbishing old items helps keep them out of landfills.

Waste is Reused or Recycled

Some eco-friendly junk collection companies commit to recycling or reusing as much as 80% of the things they collect. Some even to commit to recycling it all! If you want to get rid of your junk but still practice sustainability, there’s no better way than with a professional waste collection company.

Be sure to check that that the company you’d like to hire is indeed eco-friendly. If they don’t state upfront their sustainability policies, ask. A junk removal company that’s truly committed to environmental sustainability will be happy to share details of their eco-friendly practices with you.

Coordination with Environmentally Friendly Partners

In addition to charities, rubbish disposal companies might also launch sustainability initiatives in a local community. Or they might partner with other environmentally mindful companies and organisations. Special initiatives and collaborations boost sustainability and make eco-friendly practices more visible to the community. This, in turn, encourages people to recycle even more.

Recycling and waste removal projects like these are often aimed at items that are difficult to dispose of, like light bulbs, batteries, or hazardous materials. Waste collection companies promote sustainability by making it easy for people to recycle or dispose of these items.

Electronics Recycling

A particular nuisance to dispose of is electronics. Old computers, laptops, DVD players, phones, TVs, cameras and many more items fall into this category. Not all kerbside collection will take these things and the ones that do often only accept small electrical items.

When you call rubbish removal experts, they can take old electronics off your hands and dispose of them correctly. The materials found in electrical items, like zinc in smartphones, gold in gaming systems, or plastics found in many items, can be sorted out and re-used to build other things.

Final Thoughts

If you have rubbish to get rid of and you want to make the eco-friendly choice, often professional junk clearance companies are your best option. Environmentally friendly rubbish experts will sort your waste correctly, preventing rubbish from going to landfills. They might also help out charities by donating old items, promote overall sustainability in your community by launching initiatives, and properly get rid of old electrical items. When it comes to saving the environment, you can’t go wrong with an eco-friendly waste collection service.

Harsha Rathnayake is the CEO of Junk Hunters. Junk Hunters started in 2009 and now has an annual turnover of over £2million. Harsha has experience in growing teams from the ground up and is now utilizing this knowledge to create successful franchises.


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