Why going solar could be the best investment you’ll ever make

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Why Going Solar Could be the Best Investment You’ll ever Make

This Autumn all but two of the big six energy companies have announced another winter price hike of between 6 and 9 per cent,  adding an unwelcome increase of around £100 to our energy costs, and bringing the average yearly bill above a staggering £1,300. 

Prices have risen consistently over the last decade, and there is little prospect of a sustained reversal in these trends: Ofcom predict that by 2020 energy prices will have risen by 20 per cent.  But there is an alternative…

Friendly Energy

More and more people are investing in solar energy as a sustainable and economical way of powering their homes. Solar panels are popping up everywhere:  with at least one house fitted up with solar on nearly every street, and with good reason. 

Solar is no longer a radical and expensive alternative to fossil fuel, and it’s not just about greening-up your lifestyle.  But many of us still prefer to put our hard earned cash into something that makes an obvious difference to our home, both aesthetically and practically: a second bathroom, a kitchen extension, an attic conversion. 

Here are some facts and figures that demonstrate how  switching to solar is actually a very attractive option.

A Safer Energy Future

Installing solar on the roof of your home means that you will immediately benefit from a government incentive scheme called the Feed-in Tariff.  It’s a tax-free, index linked scheme, which means that you are paid for the energy your panels produce. 

So, after the initial cost of solar installation, you will gradually make all of your money back, and more. Plus you’ll enjoy minimal energy costs and freedom from a future of rising energy prices.

The Facts and Figures

If you have an average sized 4kW system installed costing around £8000, you can expect a return on your investment of  9.2%.  The system will have paid for itself entirely within ten years, but you will continue to receive FiT payments because they are guaranteed for 20 years. 

Additionally, the advanced systems now on the market last a life time (40 years or more), which means you can enjoy energy savings for years to come for you and family. The technology is super efficient, self cleaning and low maintenance, so there won’t be any hidden costs in their upkeep, and there’s the added value to your home should you decide to sell.


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