Ways to make your house more valuable

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Ways to Make Your House More Valuable

If you’ve come to the decision to sell your home, then no doubt you want to make it as valuable as possible. Obviously, the more you get from your house, the better, and there’s always little projects you can undertake to get your home into the best shape possible. It’s time to get creative!

However, houses have been selling extremely slowly recently, partly due to the rising costs and younger generations being priced out of the market. Still, this shouldn’t deter you from making your home as valuable as possible. In the end, the right buyer is out there, even if they’re somewhat harder to find today.

Therefore, here a few tips and tricks to help you make your house more valuable.

Consult the Experts

Some estate agencies are bonified experts in selling property. They know everything that potential buyers want and expect, and really shape the housing market with their vast quantities of knowledge. Absolutely nothing escapes their notice, which puts them in a prime position for some quality consultation.

If you’re looking to add value to your home, there’s no one better to advise you than agencies like Andrews, who work tirelessly to minimise your moving stress. They have digital valuation tools to help you value your property, stay on track with any adjustments, and provide information and advice from conveyancing services to surveys. In the end, your valuation projects will hit the ground running if you start here.

Room Conversions

While many people are quite happy to add rooms like extensions and conservatories to the mix, this can be highly expensive. In the latter case, the winter months see conservatories very rarely used, making the investment questionable in the first instance. In the end, if you’re now selling your home and are considering adding a room for some added value, hold that train of thought.

Instead, convert an existing room. It’s a far cheaper process, a more creative project for the potential buyer to view, and leaves room for the new owners to choose whether they’d like to extend the property.

If you can turn a garage into a living room, or merge your kitchen and dining room together, this will give the property a more unique, and thus more appealing, identity.

Use What You Already Have

Many homeowners make the mistake of burying the natural order of things in their property. Still, the following point is an important one to remember; adding value to a home isn’t always about adding things on, but also about using what you have too.

Some homely adjustments can feel tacked on as an afterthought, a desperate bid to add a bit of ‘umph’ to the property while instead making it cluttered.

However, the best homes very often speak for themselves, at least at a foundational level. For example, if you’ve got a view of any kind at the front or back of the property, make sure it’s always on show as they can add thousands to property value. Also, plan all your rooms economically, relative to the space you have. Only then will things look organised, appealing, and more valuable, instead of congested and


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