Working with an architect for your home

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Working With An Architect For Your Home

Working with an architect for your home is something that is considered by many property owners, but should you hire one and what are the key benefits? In this latest blog post, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about hiring an architecture team for your home.

Unless your project is extremely simple and straightforward, it makes total sense to use an architectural team in your local area just like Tom Withers Architecture. Employing an architecture team and exploring architectural services can help to make a complex project flow and get the most of the space you are looking to transform.

Architectural teams have the experience and knowledge to turn your dreams and ambitions for your home into reality. From consulting you with the design process through to sourcing the best contractors and getting planning permission approved, if necessary, you can see why hiring an architect for your home is often a wise decision.

Before You Start…

Before you reach out to a local and trusted architecture team, it’s always good to draw up your own brief which should include your clear aims, objectives, and dreams for your home. Making it clear on what spaces you are looking to transform and any current problems you are currently facing is advisable to speed up the process. Moreover, it’s also a good idea to establish a clear budget that you wish to work with so that realistic plans can be put in place and architectural designs can be drawn-up based on your requirements. Basically, give your architects as much information as possible to start with!

What Does A Residential Architecture Team Do?

Residential Planning & Design

A residential architectural team can help you with residential planning and design. Planning and design service can be tailored to your particular requirements centred around a design that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Whatever the scale of budget you have to work with, it’s likely that your chosen architectural team can help to develop your plans and make your dreams a reality.

Extensions & Alterations

If you’re looking to work with an architectural team that can help with house extensions and/or alterations, you’re in luck. Residential architectural practices are highly experienced with this particular service. Whether you’re looking to add a porch to your home, extend your property to cater to your family’s needs, or extend your garage space, residential architectural teams can help you to get the most out of your property without having to move.

Loft Conversions

Are you running out of space with your current arrangements? Residential architectural practices can help by designing and drawing up architectural designs to create the perfect loft conversions. Loft conversions can help to maximise floor space without increasing the existing footprint. Whether you’re looking to convert your loft space into an additional bedroom, bathroom, or alternate room, it all starts with a comprehensive plan from a local architecture team.

Space Planning

If you’re looking to completely transform your property and maximise space, you will benefit from a dedicated space planning service. Space planning, as the name suggests, involves ensuring that your current space is being maximised to its full potential in line with your requirements. Space planning can also include creating additional floor space elsewhere.

Planning Permission 

For some residential projects, such as conversions or alterations, planning permission may be required. Residential architectural teams can work with you to seek if planning permission is required in the first place. If it is required, they can take on the whole planning and building regulation process with your local authorities with an increased chance of approval.

Do I really need an architect?

Architects truly can be the difference between a successful residential project, or not. Hiring an architect can ensure that you’re creating a safe and legal addition to your home. Many architecture companies offer FREE initial consultations where they’ll get to understand your requirements and breakdown how they will add value. In many cases, an architect is highly recommended but you can make your own decision after the consultation. 

Moreover, local architects have access to the best builders and contractors in your area and therefore can source the best talent for your residential project. Before you know it, you’ll have your very own project team.


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