The types of tradesmen you’ll want saved in your phone

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The Types of Tradesmen You’ll Want Saved in Your Phone

Many years ago when you needed to get hold of a tradesmen most people would look in the local paper or yellow pages. If you were a bit more organised you may have the numbers written down in an address book at the side of your phone. 

However with todays modern day smart phones there is no excuse for not having all the phone numbers you may need at your fingertips. So, what five numbers of reliable local tradesmen or companies would be most beneficial for you to have in your mobile phone.  

Local Car Mechanic or Garage 

Not everyone is keen to pay the prices charged these days by main dealers where it can cost you upwards of £100 for them just to take a look. So, it is always useful to have the number of a reputable local garage or technician who can carry out repairs, do services or even respond to breakdowns at a much more affordable price. Many people are extremely particular about who works on their car. Having a trusted local company at your fingertips can help give you peace of mind that all work will be completed to a high standard without making to big a hole in your bank account. 

Plumber/Drainage Engineer

Having the number of a trusted local plumber or drainage company can save you a lot of time, money and inconvenience. Probably the most common emergencies that occur in any home or business revolve around the drainage systems. Things such as blocked drains, sinks, showers or toilets are problems that if not dealt with quickly can have catastrophic results. Having the number of a plumber you know can respond immediately and resolve problems quickly and efficiently will not only save you money but also a great deal of inconvenience. 


Everyone needs a reliable builder or construction company in their phonebook. Someone whose work is honest and of high quality and whose pricing isn’t astronomical. Whether you want a big jobs such as an extensions or a smaller job for things like bits and pieces around the home fixing – great builders are hard to come by. No matter who’s your go to tradesman for building work you’ll want to make sure they have insurance for builders. Not only is it a clear indicator they take their craft seriously, and they are in fact professional but more so that everyones covered in the off chance some goes wrong.

Heating Engineer

It goes without saying that your heating will probably experience issues right in the middle of a cold snap. So, how can you ensure if this happens you can get your home warm and cosy again as quickly as possible. You can guarantee if your heating has experienced problems at that certain time of year there will be lots of other people in the same boat. So, how do you avoid being at the back of the queue. One good way to do this is to ensure you always have access to the number of a reputable local hearing engineer who you know is available at short notice. 

Local Locksmiths

There are many reasons why you may need the services of a locksmith especially if yours is a family household. How often do you find yourself having mislaid your house or car keys. In most cases you will find them however there may be that one occasion when you have locked yourself out or are not sure where you lost your keys and as a result compromised the security of your home. In such cases it generally pays to get your locks changed as quickly as possible to remove the possibility of putting your home at risk. Having access to a local locksmith will help remove any of those worries. 

A TV Engineer 

Home entertainment is now an integral part of family life, so imagine having to spend the whole weekend without your TV. Whether that is due to you having a problem with your satellite dish in Blackpool or faulty TV aerials in Preston you will undoubtedly want the problem fixing as quickly as possible. So, it is always worth having the number of your friendly local TV repairman or Aerial Technician in your phone to ensure any problems can be resolved quickly and you won’t miss any of your favourite soaps. 

While this is by no means a definitive list hopefully it will give you food for thought. Think about your day to day lifestyle and the sort of things you may need, or problems that could arise and ensure you are well covered a little time and research could ultimately save you a lot of money.


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