The importance of hiring a professional tree surgeon

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The Importance Of Hiring A Professional Tree Surgeon

With the weather improving and spring finally here, many of us are preparing our gardens to enjoy over the summer months, especially as they have become such an essential lifeline during lockdown.

If you’re working on your garden and have plans for landscaping such as removing trees or reducing their height to allow more light to flow in, then you should consider hiring a professional tree surgeon.

It may seem simple enough to chop down a tree, but according to the experts Essex Tree Brothers, there are many unpredictable factors at work, such as predicting where the tree will fall as well as factoring in the property and people in the vicinity. Tree surgeons study for years to gain the knowledge to fell a tree safely and use dangerous and heavy equipment at height. It is perhaps no surprise then, that a tree surgeon is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world.

While tree surgeons are mainly known for helping to fell trees, they actually do a lot more than that. They are also experienced in identifying different types of disease and rot which can affect trees. By spotting the symptoms early, they can act quickly, such as felling infected trees before it spreads to other trees.

Tree felling leaves the root behind, and this can be difficult to remove yourself. Root grinders are the best way of removing a tree root, but it is a heavy and dangerous piece of machinery. Tree surgeons will have this as part of their kit and will have the expertise to do this safely. The root grinder works by grinding the stump into a fine sawdust and breakdown the stubborn roots.

If you are looking to allow more light into your garden but don’t want to lose your trees, you can opt for a crown reduction. This is a much more effective way of reducing height which allows the tree to continue to flourish rather than simply ‘topping off’ which leaves the trunk exposed and weakened. Instead, the tree is trimmed back to its lateral branch, reducing height without affecting its shape and future health.

Tree surgeons can also aid with tree and hedge planting, helping to advise on species that most suit the environment as well as maintenance such as pruning and hogweed removal. So whether you are looking for one off tree removal or help with regular garden maintenance, a tree surgeon is a worthwhile investment.

More and more people are opting for the help of tree surgeons as we begin to appreciate our gardens more following a year of social distancing. From garden bars to alfresco dinners and garden parties, homeowners are looking to transform their gardens and act on plans they’ve been putting off for years.


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