Top tips to help you remodel your attic

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Top Tips to Help you Remodel your Attic

Most people often ignore the spacious attic of their homes leaving it to bite dust. This is where they go wrong. The space in the attic is extremely versatile and can be used in a plethora of ways, one of them being transforming or remodelling the space into a room.

The unique structure of the attic gives you an opportunity to let your creative juices flow. Every St. Louis interior design company will recommend that you use your creative ability to change your dusty stodgy attic into a masterpiece. The tips given below will tell you how.


Understand the Space

Before you take up any home remodelling project, you first need to do your homework well and study the space that you wish to transform. When it comes to the space in the attic, the first thing that you need to do is get practical and know if making changes will actually work for your attic or not.

Since you do not possess the credentials and experience to do this, you will need a contractor’s help who will do the needful and will also familiarise you with the various rules that you will be expected to abide by. The contractor’s services will come at a price, however, this will ensure that you do not have to remodel your attic any time sooner.

As a rule of thumb, there should be two distinct ways to come out of the attack, preferably through the window and the staircase. Besides, more than 50 % of the space in your attic must be at a height that is greater than 7 feet. Besides, the flooring needs to be given special attention.

This is because it will require to withhold too many components like the material of the flooring itself along with the furniture and humans. Therefore, if the foundation is not strong, it can pave ways for serious disasters later on.

It is also important to first visualize the space in the attic and decide where the windows, stairs and the closet and beds will be placed, in case you plan to use the attic space as a bedroom. However, you can also consider transforming the attic into a library, study, playroom or even an office.

Begin with the Floor

Once you have your plan chalked out, the first thing you should focus on is the flooring of the attic. The joists of the flooring require strengthening because of the added activity that it will have to support. Once that is taken care of, the subfloor should be taken care of. This will essentially look after the foundation of the room.

Focussing on the Drywall

If the height of the ceilings in the attic is greater than 7 feet, you must consider using drywall sheets to line the attic. Beadboard panelling also works just fine. Care should be taken when installing the drywall sheets as they must be attached directly to the wall studs.

All the same, you can skip the ceiling when installing the drywall. Once that is done, you can use any kind of texture that you’d like to or take help from St. Louis interior design companies.

Do not miss out on the Insulation

If you do flake out on this step, you are likely to suffer immeasurably during climate changes. Therefore, getting your attic space insulated is important. While it will cost you a good chunk of money, in the long run, it will be completely worthwhile. Take professional help if you are unable to decide the right type of insulation for your attic.


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