Things to consider when having a stairlift

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Things To Consider When Having a Stairlift

There are straight and curved stairlifts – obviously for straight and curved stairwells. There are a range of designs and colours to try and fit in with your existing décor.  Some with a seat, some with a little perch.

Some are mains operated and others battery (rechargeable batteries). Perhaps you want to buy it outright, or alternatively, only want to rent a stairlift?

There will also be various sizes and weight limits to consider. A number of models recommend the max weight it can safely support to be 20 stone. In short, there is quite a bit to consider when choosing a stair lift.

Support is Available

You will often find that your local council provides support for mobility requirements. Even if you are not eligible for one of the support grants, councils often send out a professional so that when you encounter the stair lift firms, you are prepared and ready thanks to some impartial advise.

The Council’s representative will ask questions you might not think of and help you identify what you really need. This is their job, so they will likely know all of the ins and outs of having a stair lift fitted in your particular area.

You are under no obligation to follow the council’s advice, it is merely that; advice, but use it to make the best decision for yourself.

Find the Right Price

First up, request a brochure from the various stair lift companies in your area. This will allow you to look in your own time without distraction of a salesman.

There are various brands out there including Stannah, Acorn, Bison, Brooks. Each has its own benefits with various factors to consider, including ease of installation, cost, functionality and running costs.

Next, go for a test ride. Although it sounds silly, you may find that you spend the time choosing a model, pay out a large amount of money, have it installed and then don’t actually like it. The local showroom should have test models to try out first so you can consider comfort, sturdiness, size etc.

Thereafter, try getting a quotation from a couple or so companies. Each will have their own prices, with margins added on top for their own profits. Once you receive the lowest quote, you could then see if the other companies will lower their original offer.

In the past, prices have varied anywhere from £2000 to £6000+!
With any sales related fields, there are often stories about pensioners being forced into purchases they don’t need. Try and get a friend or family member to be with you whilst the salesperson visits your home to measure up and sell his product. The council’s professional will often sit in if you so wish.

Stairlift Aftercare

Having a stairlift installed may turn out to be a changing point in your life.  You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll become reliant and accustomed to your machine. However, like any pieces of equipment, there is a chance it could break down and require maintenance.

At the time of purchase, ask about the company’s after care. How long does the warranty last on the chair lift? Do they offer a maintenance scheme or emergency repairs?

Any work on a stair lift – functioning or not, should be carried out by a trained stairlift engineer, so you want to make sure that there is the backup available on the rare chance that you might need it.

Need more advice? Companies like Age UK have their own guide to buying a stairlift where as Lifecare Mobility can provide expert assistance.


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