The top eight most popular skirting board styles

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The Top Eight Most Popular Skirting Board Styles

There are a lot of different skirting board styles out there, each one suitable for a different sort of look, architectural period or purpose. There are also some best-sellers, so if you’re looking for inspiration from the Skirtings R Us skirting board range, here are the eight most popular choices in the UK.

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The bullnose

This style is also known as the pencil round and while it’s not especially eye-catching or decorative, it’s popular because it fits in with pretty much any sort of interior, domestic or commercial. If you want a clean, easily-maintained skirting solution that doesn’t attract too much attention, then this is ideal.

This style is also simple to paint and is popular with carpenters because its simplicity makes it a doddle to fit and mitre.

The squared-off

You might want some crisp angles in your life, especially if you’re going modern and minimalist. The square profile is a hit with householders and businesses alike because it’s plain, classy and functional. If you want to present a professional image at your office, then this is a great choice.

The ogee

This is a more traditional and ornate style than the bullnose or the square and while it fits best in a traditional setting, you can also use it in a more modern interior if you want your skirting boards to get a bit of attention. 

It’s just slightly decorative, so you get a bit of interest but it’s not too frilly. It also works well on shorter boards as well as taller ones.

The grooved

Another modern design, the grooved is just that. It’s a plain board with a rebate cut into it near the top. It’s up-to-date, simple and very easy to paint and to keep clean. It works best in a modern setting and can look amazing with some LED strips set into the groove.

The two-stepped

This is a plain board with two steps cut into it at the top, of identical height and width. As you can probably work out by now, it’s a modern design and attracts a lot of attention without being too showy. The two-stepped is easy to paint and keep clean because there’s no awkward grooves to deal with.

The chamfer

Plain, simple and classy, the chamfer is a straight board that has a chamfer – usually around 40mm in height – cut into the top. While it’s a modern design, it can also work well in older or more traditional settings and is easy to paint and clean because it’s all straight lines.

The Georgian

This is one of the most traditional styles and has all the scrolls and curves that you’d expect from an era not known for its subtlety. It’s a popular solution for period or more traditional interiors, as well as for the taller skirting boards often seen in older houses.

The ovolo

This style is similar to lamb’s tongue and is easily recognisable. Even though it’s an older and more traditional design, its simplicity makes it ideal for more contemporary interiors as well.


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