The different styles of modern garden lighting

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The Different Styles of Modern Garden Lighting

In the realm of home design, people are turning their attention more towards their gardens, looking for ways to transform an uninspired patch of grass into a modern, stylish space that welcomes guests.

One aspect of crafting a modern garden that’s often overlooked is the lighting. 

The right lighting in your garden space can change the atmosphere drastically and create a really cosy feel.  But which lighting designs do you go for this year? Here’s your answer! 

N.B. if in doubt, always make sure that you get a professional, qualified electrician to install your lights otherwise you run the risk of electrocution or fires. 

Plug and play garden lights

For anyone who fancies a little DIY project over getting an electrician in, plug and play lighting is a great option for lighting your garden. 

All it involves is mounting the lights wherever you want them (this could be in a gazebo or on a fence) and then plugging them in as the name says – it’s that easy! 

They can come in an assortment of styles such as string lights, wall lights and deck lights, meaning you’re never limited by just one design.

Depending on the style, they can turn up more on the expensive side, but they can add a lot to your garden depending on how you use them. 

The good thing about plug and play lighting is the flexibility. Don’t like their position? Simply unplug and move to a new location. 

Garden Lanterns

Lanterns are coming back in fashion and these kinds of lights can really give your garden a special kind of mood. 

They’re inexpensive, can come in many colours and can be electrical or candle-lit for a romantic touch. Whether free-hanging or mounted on a wall, they’re sure to add a classy touch to your garden.

Fairy lights

Stylish, low maintenance and highly customisable, fairy lights can really be the key to a more special garden this year. Hang them above a table or from a tree branch, the ideas are nearly limitless for where you can set them up. 

For an enchanting take, why not wrap them in a bush or shrub? Come night-time, they’ll look wonderful. 

Add a sparkle to your outside areas with these magical lights and your guests will surely notice. 

Wall-mounted spotlights

Wall-mounted lights like vertical spotlights have become very popular over the last few years, and it’s no wonder why. These styles look modern, sleek and put an interesting spin on a typical outside light. 

What makes the spotlight kind especially appealing is how unique it is. 

Whereas many lights are broad and illuminate everything at once, spotlights create a refined beam of light to highlight whatever is under them, or above them if you have one that shines both up and down. 

Putting a few of these lights on the rear of your house could add a lot of class to your garden, carrying the modern, stylish feel of your home into your garden. 

Miniature lamp posts

Another garden lighting trend that’s taking off is the use of outdoor light post lights, or miniature light posts. 

Particularly fashionable are brass, chrome and brushed steel style posts, offering a cool touch to your garden. 

As previously mentioned, you can get solar powered versions of outdoor light post lights, combining modern design with modern technology. 


Another modern trend for outdoor spaces is uplighting. Usually used up a wall, uplighting is where you direct a light so it shines upwards instead of down or out. 

This creates a really cool effect that accentuates the brickwork or finish of the wall, and looks very modern. 

As uplighting can be created by most lights, its highly customisable, meaning you can decide to go all-out with a whole feature wall of lights, or be more sparing. 

Garden Solar lamps

With a shift towards a greater concern for being eco-friendly, greener garden and home design ideas have started to emerge. 

In addition to solar panels on the roof of houses, people have also been looking for ideas for solar powered garden décor. This is where solar-powered lights really come into their own. 

Soaking up light during the daytime, they store energy from sunlight in a battery that powers the light come nightfall. 

This means they don’t require any electricity to operate, meaning you can use them with a clean conscience. 

Solar lights can come in every variation under the sun (literally), including spike lights you can put in the ground, mini lampposts, wall spotlights and even security lights.

They’re surprisingly cheap for the technology involved, so this kind of solar powered garden décor are a great modern addition to anyone’s garden. 


As you can see, there are lots of different ways to improve your garden lighting this year. 

From antique lanterns hung from a fence to add a romantic vibe, to sophisticated yet eco-friendly solar-powered lights, there’s a whole array of lighting options at your disposal this year. 


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