The 5 best ways to add value to your property

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The 5 best ways to add value to your property

Are you considering making home improvements? Upgrades to your property can not only enhance your family’s happiness and quality of life, but also add value should you decide to sell. Not all projects offer the same returns however – so it’s best to do your research before getting to work.  

Whatever your plans, you’re not alone in making alterations. A 2018 study found the number of homeowners carrying out improvements instead of moving had increased five-fold in the previous five years. Ongoing uncertainty around Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic are likely to mean the trend continues in the foreseeable future.

So which renovations can improve your prospects in the long term?


Convert a loft, basement or garage

Adding more living space or an extra bedroom is always likely to increase your property’s desirability. From loft transformations to basement and garage conversions, there are numerous ways to do it by using what you already have.

Lofts are often ideal for bedrooms, while basements and garages can become social spaces with a little creativity. Bear in mind that structural changes usually require planning permission, if you’re unsure and asking yourself do I need planning permission, your best bet is to seek advice from professionals

Invest in a new kitchen

As the heart of the home, the kitchen is often regarded as the most important room for potential buyers. The best returns usually come from creating an open-plan kitchen diner to suit modern preferences – which may require building an extension.

If you already have an open space however, upgrading the design is a smart way to bump up your valuation – especially if you can take advantage of kitchen sale offers.

Maximise your outdoor space

Garden space often comes at a premium. Months spent in lockdown meanwhile have only increased our yearning for the outdoors, especially in built-up areas. If yours is currently looking a little overgrown or unloved, try investing in some hard landscaping to make it both manageable and multifunctional.

And while it won’t add thousands in value, trimming the lawn and maintaining tidy borders helps set a good impression too.  

Increase your property’s efficiency

Growing environmental awareness means buyers are putting more value in efficient energy setups. Whether upgrading your central heating system, replacing windows or adding insulation, there are lots of ways you can increase the general efficiency of your building.

This tip is especially true if your property or central heating system is a little older. You’ll keep your own energy bills down in the meantime too. 

Add kerb appeal

Would you stop to take a second look at your property? First impressions are essential on viewings, and adding a lick of paint, a new door or an appealing driveway are all great ways to get people interested.

Repointing brickwork and adding climbing plants are other ways to tidy up your home’s exterior. These artificial touches are unlikely to add significant value – but help avoid putting people off before they get through the door. Maintain a neutral look to appeal to a wider audience.

What home improvements will you make? Try those discussed above to add value to your property and home life.


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