Suburban living: common issues homeowners face and how to deal with them

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Suburban Living: Common Issues Homeowners Face And How To Deal With Them

There are many reasons that you may wish to move out to the suburbs. Maybe your family is growing, and you’d like more space for the kids to be able to play. Perhaps you’ve been a city dweller for years, and you’d like a change of pace. No matter the reason, there are a few things that any potential homeowner should know before moving to the suburbs.

Crime Rates

While crime rates in the suburbs tend to be lower than in urban areas, they can still be significant. It is worth researching the crime rates of the specific area you are considering moving to, particularly if you are heading to the suburbs to get away from higher crime rates in cities. Looking into crime rates is the best way to make an informed decision on safety.


Many suburban living areas have to deal with pest problems. These can range from minor issues to full-blown infestations. It is crucial that you minimise the risk of pests in your suburban home. You can do this by ensuring that all leftover food is properly disposed of, and by keeping points of entry into your home well sealed.

If you do find any pests, it is vital that you get them dealt with as soon as possible, so that the problem does not get a chance to worsen. You could check out Twickenham pest control for an idea of the level of service you will need. It is crucial to use a professional service like DK Environmental, who are experts in suburban pest control.

Air Pollution

Particularly for people living near town centres, air pollution can be a problem in many suburban settings. This is caused by large concentrations of people living, travelling and working together. While the air pollution in the suburbs likely won’t be as serious as it is in cities, it is still a factor that is worth taking into account.

You can help to combat air pollution by ensuring that you have plenty of CO2 absorbing greenery in your garden. If you have limited garden space, then you could consider investing in some houseplants. Aside from being mood-enhancing, indoor plants will help to improve the air quality of your home. You could start with one or two plants in the rooms you use more frequently, and see how you get on.

Drainage Issues

Drainage problems can occur no matter where you live, but they are most common in areas that are built up. As suburban areas grow thanks to the demand for housing, more and more drainage issues are occurring.

 There are a few things you can do to tackle drainage problems. Keeping your drains in good repair and monitoring them for signs of blockage is crucial. If you suspect there is an issue in your drains then getting a professional to check it out is vital. Ensuring that you have grass gardens rather than paved can allow groundwater to be absorbed, helping prevent flooding.


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