What size skip do i need for a house clearance?

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What Size Skip Do I Need For A House Clearance?

A house clearance is the perfect way to get rid of unnecessary clutter and take back control of your home. Whether you’re renovating, redecorating, moving home, or just having good old Spring clean, you will likely require a skip for your rubbish.

When having a house clearance, a skip is the fastest and easiest way to get rid of your household and garden waste. It’s certainly better than making countless trips to a tipping facility or household recycling centre. But skip hire can be confusing, especially if this is your first time hiring a skip. When It comes to skip hire, the most frequently asked questions include:

• What size skip do I need?
• What can I put in the skip?
• What can’t go in the skip?
• How long can I have the skip for?
• Can the skip go on the road outside of my house?

Not to worry though, we’re going to answer the important questions to ensure you have the best possible house clearance! Let’s start with the size of the skip.

What Size Skip Do I Need?

Well, the size of the skip generally depends on how much rubbish you’re getting rid of. However, when clearing out your house, you may find you have far more rubbish than you originally anticipated. Every home collects clutter – even if we don’t realise it! If you’re clearing out a family home, you will likely have a lot of clutter.

General waste skips tend to come in four sizes; a 4 yard skip (often referred to as a mini skip), a 6 yard skip, an 8 year skip and a 12 yard skip (often referred to as a large skip).

A 4 yard or 6 yard skip will be suitable for most house and garden clearances. To help you understand what size of skip you need, let’s give you an idea of what can fit in each skip on average.

The 4 yard skip may be called a mini skip, but it can still fit plenty of rubbish! This skip can fit 30 bin bags OR ten wheelie bins worth of rubbish. Or it could fit one sofa. The 6 yard skip can fit either 50 bin bags OR 25 wheelie bins worth of rubbish. Or 4 sofas. 

The 8 yard skip can fit either 60 bin bags OR 40 wheelie bins with or rubbish. Or 6 sofas. And finally, the huge 12 yard skip can fit 100 bin bags OR 35 wheelie bins worth of rubbish. Or 10 sofas!

It’s important to bear in mind that a skip can only be filled to the height of its sides. It should not be overflowing.

What Can Go In A Skip?

Now you have a better understanding of what size skip you need, let’s have a look at what can and can’t go in it. You’ll find most household and garden items can go in a general waste skip. This includes furniture, toys, clothing, cardboard and paper, UPVC windows, soil, stones, wood, plastic, bricks and blocks.

If you choose a sustainable skip hire company, your waste will be separated into what can be recycled and what can’t. A lot of your waste may then be recycled and only a small percentage of it will end up in a landfill site.

Unfortunately, some household items cannot go in a skip. This includes fridges and freezers, aerosols, paint cans, plasterboard, batteries, clinical waste such as medicines, food waste and electrical appliances (kettles, TV’s, monitors, computer, washing machines etc.).

How Long Can I Have The Skip For?

The length of time you can keep the skip depends on which skip hire company you choose. Most skip hire companies allow customers to hire a skip for up to two weeks. This gives you plenty of time to complete your home clearance!

Where Should The Skip Go?

It is ideal if the skip can go in your garden or on your driveway. Not only does it make it safer, but it’s closer to your house. This makes trips back and forth much easier. Alternatively, the skip may be able to go on the road outside of your home if you do not have room on your property. Usually, a skip hire company will apply for a skip permit to place the skip on a public road.


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