What can you put in your domestic skip?

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What Can You Put in Your Domestic Skip?

A domestic skip is very useful when you use it properly. It makes substantial and intimidating domestic jobs like house renovations, extensions, house moves, and gardening transformations much more time-efficient.  

You can save the time you would have spent running backwards and forwards to your local tip utilising domestic skip hire. To maximise efficiency, you need to make sure that you are filling it with the correct waste.

Watch what you and others – put in your skip

It is important to be vigilant when you are using your domestic skip. Misuse of your tip can damage your property and the nearby environment. As a general guide, all waste that is suitable for standard waste disposal is safe for your skip, but understandably, large domestic skip hire is intended for the disposal of items that are too big for your normal rubbish bin. 

Even the largest skip can get filled very quickly. Make sure to monitor how much rubbish you are putting into your skip as an overflowing skip can cause problems.

An overflowing skip is a health hazard

It is not difficult to accidentally overload a skip, so you have to watch how much waste you are tipping as you go along. It may sound like a small, easily-solved point, but piling a skip too high breaks various laws and regulations.

These regulations are based on safety protocol and are designed to keep you and everyone else out of harm’s way. For example, you must not leave items sticking into the road which could be hit by a passing vehicle, always load waste evenly into your skip so it doesn’t fall onto the pavement causing an obstruction, and be aware of the danger of overhanging waste falling on pedestrians and passers-by. 

Make sure you dump the right stuff

So now you know how not to overflow your skip. But what can you fill it with in the first place? . 

Take care not to dispose of any material in a skip that could be harmful or hazardous to you or to the environment. Regardless of the specifics of the job, whether it is for a move, a house extension or renovation, or gardening projects, you need to make sure you know exactly what you can put in a domestic skip. 

he facts below will help you to be sure you are using a skip service that disposes of waste in a socially and environmentally responsible way. 

Types of waste suitable for putting into a domestic skip are limited to household furniture such as wardrobes or dining tables, garden waste such as plants, shrubs, soil, and rubble, generic household waste, and material items such as metal, wood, ceramics, tiles, and plastic.  

How long are you allowed to keep your skip for? 

Whether you’re looking for skip hire in Liverpool, Lands end or London, if you hire from a reliable and professional skip company, you can typically keep your skip for a generous 14 days beginning on your delivery day, but timeframes will vary depending on the supplier. This should give you plenty of time to fill your skip to the regulation fill line.

After the lease comes to an end, your skip will be collected. Responsible companies will dispose of your waste in environmentally-friendly ways, recycling as much of the contents of your skip as possible.

We hope we have provided all the relevant information for your skip hire needs. Always remember to be responsible with your skip use to keep yourself, passers-by, and the environment safe. 


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