How to save money and stress when booking a skip

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How To Save Money and Stress When Booking A Skip

Anyone who has ever moved house, or helped a friend to move house, will know that hiring and booking a skip can cause headaches and cost serious money. The key however, is to plan, plan and plan. Here are a few practical tips that will make your skip-hiring-life a little less stressful and a lot less expensive.


How Much Space Do You Really Need?

Most people find they under-estimate how big a “Mini” skip actually is, and over-estimate how much stuff they need to get rid of. Much like adding salt to your cooking, you can always add more, i.e. get another skip, but you will always have to pay full-price for a large skip, even if it’s not full. It’s better to get the cheapest option and then pay for more space if needed, than to pay for more space than actually needed.

Most skip companies offer 4 skip sizes; Mini, Midi, Builder’s and Large. There’s not much difference between the Mini and the Midi size so get don’t get talked into paying over the odds for only slightly more space.

Yes, You Do Need A Permit. Always.

Your local Council will be used to allocating skip permits and should make life easy for you. However, during public events such as charity runs or Olympic road races, there may be restrictions on where you can place a skip – the council will be best equipped to advise you. Skip permits are generally valid from 1 day to 4 weeks, but don’t be tempted to skip it (pardon the pun) if you only need it for one day. You will get caught and you will get fined.

Where You Should Put Your Skip

The key to putting you skip in the correct place is to consider two things; safety and access. You cannot put a skip on a pavement or public walkway because it forces people to walk on the road – which is not safe. Additionally, you cannot put a skip in the road if it is likely to cause a traffic accident. You would think that skip providers would always operate within best practice, but they often dump it wherever’s quickest and easiest for them. It is your responsibility to make sure they put it somewhere appropriate, don’t be afraid to disagree with the driver, or to request the skip is put in a certain location.

What If There Is No Safe Place To Put A Skip?

Most skip hire companies offer a “wait and load” service, which means that they wait with the skip while you load it and take it away once you are finished. This is a good service to use if you don’t have a suitable place to set it down permanently – however, it may cost a little extra. Also, remember that the service does not include their help to load the skip, that is still up to you.

Safety Is Your Responsibility

Other safety measures include marking your skip visible in the dark or other poor weather conditions. Use cones, amber flashing marker lights and reflective markers on both ends of the skip to ensure high visibility and safety for road users. Additionally, avoid placing your skip next to manhole covers, grates or other utility access points. This will save you having to move it workmen need to gain access.

Make sure the skip is not overloaded and items don’t stick out from the sides. The content should be covered with netting or dampened to stop the waste material from inside blowing out. AND be aware of avoiding materials, which are highly flammable or produce toxic fumes.

Additionally, you might want to consider hiring an enclosed skip. They are lockable and prevents from unauthorized access. This type of skip even stops items of falling out and hanging out from the sides. It even stops dust from flying up in the skip.

Do You Want To Recycle? Should You Recycle?

Make sure your skip hire company does recycle the waste. Otherwise you will be responsible to hire a waste carrier to dispose your waste. Therefore always ensure that the skip hire company has a valid waste carriers license, as they are required to have one by law if they provide waste removal services as well.


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