How to prepare for your skip

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How to Prepare for Your Skip

Whether you’re planning to overhaul your kitchen, demolish your bathroom or get stuck into your garden, one of the biggest headaches is getting rid of the waste you create. It’s inevitable that with any DIY project there are mounds of rubbish, which you’d ordinarily have to ferry to your local authority site in multiple trips, but with skip hire, all that hassle is taken away.

Focus on your home DIY project completely by hiring a skip. It’s easier and removes the risk of damaging your car with waste.

Want to prepare properly for skip hire? Check out this handy guide on what to consider for skip hire so that everything runs smoothly.

skip on road

Will the skip vehicle fit?

If you live down a narrow lane, or a skip vehicle would need to travel down any narrow access roads in order to get to you, it could be a potential pitfall if you don’t reference this when ordering a skip.

Check that a skip vehicle will fit by measuring. You’ll need roughly 3 metres of width and nearly 7 metres of length for a standard skip vehicle. Be sure to factor in parked cars, especially if you plan to have the skip brought to your property at a time when parked cars line your road or street.

Are there hazards on your road?

When driving your car on your road, you might not notice potential hazards. With a larger vehicle, it’s better to warn your skip hire company when you have low tree branches or power cables which could cause trouble. With a standard skip vehicle, you need between 3 and 4 metres of height clearance. If you aren’t sure or are aware of low-hanging obstacles, let your skip hire company know in advance.

Do you share your driveway?

Many properties share a driveway, which means that if you’re planning to place a skip on the driveway, you’ll want to notify your neighbour. It’s possible that a skip will fit neatly within your boundaries, but it’s always helpful to let your neighbour know anyway as a courtesy. This helps maintain a respectful relationship with your neighbour and, hopefully, they’ll do the same for you in future.

Are there manholes and sewers to consider?

A skip is a heavy object, which means you need to consider whether there are any manholes or sewers where you intend to place the skip. A skip placed over these areas could cause flooding when they block the flow of rainwater, and there is also the risk of damage to the drain if it is not structurally sound.

Can a vehicle manoeuvre for delivery and collection?

Skip lorry drivers are a talented bunch when it comes to driving large vehicles safely, but they can’t work miracles – they need space to manoeuvre their vehicle when making any delivery or collection. This is something to consider if you live on a cul-de-sac or down a road which results in a dead-end. Will they be able to turn around if required? Can they turn safely in or out of your street? The more you make them aware before ordering, the more they can plan for such things.

Does your area require a skip licence?

Depending on where you live, you may be subject to skip permit laws. If you’re planning on having your skip placed in the road or on a public highway, it’s likely you’ll require a skip permit – something your skip hire company should be able to assist you with if you’re unsure.

Are you getting rid of potentially hazardous waste?

You might think that the waste you’re getting rid of is pretty standard and that anything can go in a skip, but there are some things which are hazardous to include in general waste. This includes paints, oils, some white goods, batteries, adhesives and more. Check with your skip hire company that everything you intend to get rid of will be accepted to avoid incurring penalties.

Planning a DIY project at home in Aylesbury? Look no further than Camiers. Camiers provide 3, 4 and 6-yard skips to help you legally and safely dispose of waste from any home project. They can also provide expert advice if you’re unsure on any of the above points.


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