Can you put garden waste in a skip?

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Can You Put Garden Waste in a Skip?

From a quick tidy to a full renovation, if you are clearing garden waste it’s important to know how to dispose of everything correctly. Garden waste removal is one of the most popular reasons people look for skip hire, especially during the summer months.

If you are wondering ‘what can I put in a skip?’, we’ve created lots of resources to provide people with with information you need. Today, we’re going to look at the question ‘can you put garden waste in a skip?’


Types of garden waste

Any waste that comes from your garden can be classified as garden waste, as a result it is often made up of mixed materials that can be divided into other categories.

Wood, metal and concrete

Undertaking a new garden project can sometimes involve the demolition of existing structures and buildings. As a result, you may find you have wood, metal, and concrete to dispose of and consider as part of your garden rubbish removal. These materials can be added to your garden waste skip, helping you to clear the way for a new feature.

Soil and green waste

Both soil and green waste can be added to garden waste skips. Green waste is made up of things like leaves, twigs, grass, and other plant material. When mixed with soil, this type of garden waste can be processed, mulched and screened to create a useful and fertile compost.

No liquids

When filling your skip, it is important that you do not include any liquids with your waste. This applies to all liquids including paints, chemicals, solvents, and pressurised bottles or containers.

Choosing the right skip size

There are a huge range of skip sizes out there, suitable for everything from the smallest garden project to a huge land clearance. You need to know how much garden waste you’ll have to get an idea of how of which skip size you’ll need.

We would always suggest you discuss your needs with your skip supplier and if unsure, order a slightly larger skip than you think you’ll need, as it’s better to have a little bit of space left over than to run out of room and have to order another garden waste skip.

Alternatives to Skip Hire – Grab hire

If you are looking for an alternative to garden skip hire, grab hire might be the solution for you. A truck will simply arrive at your site, grab your waste and take it away. These types of trucks have long-reach capabilities so are useful for sites where you’d struggle to accommodate a skip delivery.

Looking for more advice and guidance?

For more detailed information on how to plan ahead and make your garden waste removal as easy and as cost effective as possible, check out our garden waste clearance guide. We’ve produced articles covering all your waste management questions, from how to dispose of a fridge to getting rid of paint. We’ve also provided more detailed guides to things like how to dispose of old furniture and white goods, as well as articles about the benefits of recycling.

Garden waste skips

Using a garden waste skip is an efficient and cost-effective way to handle garden rubbish removal. Waste can be loaded as the project progresses, and once the skip is full it gets taken away to be processed and recycled if possible.


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