Can i put a sofa in a skip?

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Can I Put A Sofa In A Skip?

If you are replacing an old, worn-out sofa, or just upgrading to a different design, you might be wondering about sofa disposal. “Can I put a sofa in a skip?” is something we are often asked, and the rules have changed recently so we thought we’d share some up-to-date information.

Due to new legislation around the disposal of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), you can no longer dispose of a sofa by putting it in a skip with other waste. You can read more about the new rules and why they exist in our guide to Persistent Organic Pollutants.

In summary, upholstered furniture contains chemical compounds that are dangerous to the environment and so sofa disposal must be carried out in a way that avoids these chemicals from contaminating other materials.


How to dispose of a sofa

As a result of the changes in legislation in January 2023, sofas and other upholstered furniture must be disposed of separately from other waste. This makes it slightly more complicated than just putting a sofa in a skip, but there are still plenty of options for sofa disposal.


If your sofa is still in useable condition, why not let someone else benefit from it and donate it to charity? As long as the fire safety label is still attached to your sofa most charities will be able to resell it. Due to the fact a sofa is a large item it is worth checking with your local charity shop if they can accept it before you make any plans to transport it.

Some charities will arrange to collect a donated sofa free of charge, which is a useful way to take care of sofa removal whilst also donating to charity.


If you no longer want your sofa then you could also try to make some money by selling it to someone else. This is a useful way to make some cash to put towards buying a new sofa. Whether you choose to advertise it on a local social media group, noticeboard or online marketplace, you can easily reach a wide audience of people who might want to purchase your sofa.

Before selling your sofa, you might want to get it professionally cleaned or repaired if it needs it, this could help you get a better price for the item. Then all you need to do is write a short description of the item including the dimensions, take some photos and start advertising. You might even be able to sell the sofa to a neighbour or friend who is looking for a bargain.

Don’t forget, when selling a sofa, you might still need to organise sofa removal. It’s usually best to advertise that the buyer should collect the item from you and arrange their own transport, but sometimes it can sweeten the deal if you can offer delivery.


If no one wants to buy it, or if the fire safety label has been removed then recycling your sofa is the next option. You’d need to take your sofa to a recycling centre that can handle Persistent Organic Pollutants safely, so make sure you check their details online or call them first to make sure you can recycle your sofa there.

Council collection

Large and bulky items are difficult to transport unless you have a suitable vehicle, in some areas, you can call your local council and arrange for them to collect your sofa. Charges vary for this service and you’ll need to make sure the sofa is easy to access, safe to transport and relatively clean.

If you are looking for more information, you can read our guide to white goods and old furniture disposal. Although the answer to the question ‘Can I put a sofa in a skip?’ is now unfortunately no, we can still help take care of other waste that might be generated from a house clearance.


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