The benefits of using self-storage during renovation projects

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The Benefits of Using Self-Storage During Renovation Projects

Let’s face it, remodelling and renovations is a chaotic time filled with dust, noise and stress. Contractors come and go on-site, and project management becomes a challenging activity, even if the renovation is running according to schedule. When renovating your home or office space, you will want to protect your belongings, furniture, window treatments and flooring from dust, damage and high foot traffic damage. The best gift you can give yourself in times like this is self-storage! The benefits of storing your beloved items far outweigh the disadvantages of self-storage.

Self-Storage Considerations

Before choosing a company to store your personal or work items, consider how much space you will need, how long you will need to store your items for, and the proximity of the storage units. Your storage unit should be accessible, secure and close to your premises. Using a Storage calculator is a great way to determine what size unit you will need for your belongings. The PODS self-storage calculator is easy to use, and they provide a clever trusted self-storage solution that works on the premise of load and go.

Protected Belongings

The biggest benefit of opting for self-storage during renovation projects is that you can rest assured that your items are safe, out of harm’s way and won’t be contaminated by dust and spills. Storing your items will keep them in their original form and away from potential damage that construction work can cause. Precious belongings once broken or damaged could be impossible to replace, especially if they hold sentimental value. Placing such items in self-storage removes this circumstance completely.

More Space to Complete Renovations

The second benefit of self-storage is the fact that you will have more space to move around during renovations, which is a great help when navigating pieces of timber, piping or appliances lying around. Not having to worry about your belongings in the next room while renovations are taking place gives you peace of mind that is priceless.

Opportunity to Declutter

While packing up your belonging for storage, take the time to declutter. Get rid of unwanted items, broken items and keep only the items you absolutely love and need. Create three piles of goods when packing – one pile for donations, one pile for the trash and the last pile for storage. Ensure you use quality packaging when packing your items into boxes or containers as this will preserve them better while your renovation project is in progress.

Less Stress

Another benefit of self-storage is that the stress caused by constantly protecting, covering up or cleaning your belongings is removed. Knowing that your items are tucked away out of site and harm’s way provides a sense of calm and allows you to fully focus on the renovations at hand. If you take the opportunity to declutter before packing, you will feel even better about your surroundings as you will have less unwanted items to deal with post renovation.

Once your renovation is complete, you will be able to clean up the mess entirely and welcome back your belongings in a clean and newly remodelled home or office, making the organisation of your belongings easier and more exciting.


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