How to prepare your house for sale using storage

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How to Prepare your House for Sale using Storage

To secure the sale of your home it’s vital that your property stands out from the fray, especially in competitive areas like London. Recent research suggests that clutter is a particular irritation that deters people from making an offer.

Luckily, this is easily remedied by maximising the space in your home in a few simple ways, including decluttering and using affordable home self-storage. Vanguard Self Storage, a London-based storage company, have compiled these simple tips below to make sure your journey into the housing market is plain sale-ing.

Declutter It.

Clearing out clutter is a surefire way to free up some extra room in your home and allows you to utilise every nook and cranny inside your property. Remember, moving home is the prime chance to rid your house of any unwanted/unused items and make a fresh start. Sort through your belongings and mark items with one of four labels: keep, store, discard, donate. There’s always the option of trying to earn some cash selling unwanted items on classifieds sites like Gumtree or online auctions like eBay, too. 

Decorate It

Create an illusion of space by installing mirrors, and paint your walls neutral colours so they don’t provoke a strong reaction. Finally, think about your kerb appeal by trimming the lawns, hedges and trees, and perhaps getting rid of the beloved garden gnome.

Depersonalise It

Stripping down the more personal elements of your home will make it easier for potential buyers to imagine their own belongings in the space, and therefore judge whether they can imagine themselves settling down in your property. Remove family photographs, ornaments and other unnecessary clutter; stow them in convenient self-storage ready for the big move.

Store It

Properties convey a bigger and better image when unburdened by bulky items of furniture. Carefully select some key pieces to keep in each room, but use storage facilities to store away any excess.

Available in a range of sizes for any purpose, storage containers are also a godsend for any other family heirlooms that are crowding your home, therefore acting as the perfect halfway house between your old and new property. Always ensure you choose a reliable storage provider approved by the Self Storage Association (if you’re in London or elsewhere in the UK).

Clean It

The number one rule of home viewing preparation is make sure your property is clean. Big turn-offs for buyers include: smells, stains, dirty plates, unmade beds, dusty surfaces and general grime.

Giving your home an intensive clean-through will rid your home of any distasteful elements and make it far more visually appealing to potential buyers.


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