What to do when you’re locked out

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What To Do When You’re Locked Out

Getting locked out of your home with no way back in can be distressing. Maybe you’ve lost your keys at some point when you were out, or maybe you popped outside the front to do a quick task and a sudden wind blew and slammed the door shut. 

Either way, if it’s happened, here’s what you should and shouldn’t do…

Don’t Try and Break Back In

There are plenty of reasons why trying to break into your own home is a bad idea. It’s understandable that you may begin to panic, but try to remain calm. 

So why shouldn’t you break in? Well first of all, the damage you cause to your property by doing so is likely to cost considerably more than a locksmith. 

Secondly, you may injure yourself. Whether it’s a cut from broken glass or bruises from attempting to kick a door down, it could end up being very dangerous to your health.

Lastly, there is a small risk of a mishap with the authorities. Someone who doesn’t know you may see you skulking about or trying to force your way in, they won’t know that it’s your own home you’re trying to get into, and call the police on you. 

It’s not illegal to break into your own home (unless you are renting, in that case you should call the landlord as they should carry a spare key) but you still want to avoid any confusion and not take up the police’s time.

Getting Help from the Experts

Unless there is some sort of dire emergency where you need to get back in as soon as possible, you just need to be patient and try a few other options. 

If you have already broken in, don’t fret, search double glazing near me to find fast responding glaziers in your local area that can repair or replace any smashed glass. Many experts can provide a boarding up service to keep the area temporarily safe and secure whilst you arrange a full repair. 

Getting a professional boarding up service is a good idea for any property but it is especially important for shops and businesses. Some glaziers are also proficient locksmiths so they can solve two problems in one.

The answer really is simple though, if there’s nothing else you can do, just call out an emergency locksmith that can get you back in quick. A professional will be able to regain entry into your home without causing damage, they can also cut you a new key or replace locks if you’re worried about compromised security from losing keys.

Do Not Call the Fire Brigade

Whatever you do, don’t call the fire brigade or the police. Being locked out is not something they can help with and it is a waste of their valuable time and resources. The only exception being is if the locking out is linked to some sort of medical emergency, fire or crime.

Other Things to Try

Are there things you can try before calling out a professional? You might not be thinking clearly in your panic, but it might be worth taking a moment to see if it’s worth retracing your steps or calling up anywhere you think you may have lost your keys.

Preventing Future Lock Outs

If you’re worried about it happening again, or perhaps happening at all, there are some things you can do.

Get some spare keys cut and leave them with a trusted neighbour or a nearby friend or relative. You should never hide a spare key outside, under a mat or in a plant pot as it’s a security risk.

Other than getting extra keys cut, you can try going “smart” with a few devices and upgrades. If you’re fed up with keys altogether, you can invest in a smart door handle that works without keys. Instead, you can use an app on your phone as a key, a contactless fob, a pin code, or even your fingerprint.

You can also attach small devices to your keys in order to locate them with your phone if they get lost, such as Apple’s Air Tags.


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