The 10 most important things to do after a burglary

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The 10 Most Important Things to do After a Burglary

Home Invasion is one of the most intrusive of all crimes. The fact that someone has been in your home and through your possessions can be difficult to cope with. Discovering you have been the victim of a burglary is not only upsetting but can leave you confused.

With so much going on it is important that you try to retain a clear mind and ensure you do everything to help minimise the effects of the crime. To help we have listed the 10 things we feel you need to do in the aftermath of a burglary to help get your life back to some normality as soon as possible. 

Call the Police

You need to do this immediately, by reporting a crime quickly you will increase the chances of it being solved. The crime also needs to be logged for the purpose of an Insurance Claim. If you arrive home and suspect the burglar is still in your home, do not enter. You should call the police from outside of your property, if possible from the safety of your car or a neighbours home. 

Don’t Touch Anything

In many cases a burglar will have left forensic evidence in your home. As a result it is imperative you don’t touch anything. This will give the scene of crime officers the best chance of collecting evidence such as fingerprints or footprints. This will offer them the best chance of catching the culprit and recovering your property. 

Make a List of Stolen or Damaged Property

Go through your property and make a comprehensive list of all stolen or damaged items. Included in this should be all relevant information such as serial numbers or unique identifying marks. This information will be required by both the Police and your home insurers. 

Inform Your Bank

If you find that any debit or credit cards have been taken you must contact your bank or credit card company without delay. This will allow them to put an immediate block on your cards to prevent them from being used. It also means replacements can be issued straight away, keeping the amount of time you are inconvenienced to a minimum. 

You will also need to do this if your computer, tablet or smartphone is missing, and financial information kept on there has been compromised. 

Get a Crime Reference Number

All reported crimes are allocated a unique reference number. You must make a note of this and ensure you keep it safe, as it will be required by your home insurance company when you begin your claim. 

Contact Your Home Insurance Company

As long as you have the relevant insurance cover you should be able to claim for stolen or damaged items. It is important that you contact your home insurer as soon as possible to register your claim. 

It is at this point you will need a list of property and your crime reference number. It is also worth getting together any receipts you have for stolen or damaged items, as these may be required by the loss adjuster when assessing your claim. 

Secure Your Home

Any doors or windows damaged during the break in should be repaired without delay. The best way to do this is by employing the services of reputable locksmiths. At this point it may be worth taking the opportunity to review the overall security of your property. 

Tyne Tees are professional locksmiths in Darlington and their experienced team are available to survey your property and advise on any weaknesses and possible upgrades. After the shock of a burglary checking that your home has been made secure again will give you peace of mind. 

While finding out your home has been burgled is undoubtedly extremely upsetting however hopefully by taking the steps we have listed you can minimise the effect on your home and routine.


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