Six ways to update your home security

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Six Ways to Update Your Home Security

Feeling safe at home is a number one priority for anyone. Even though there are many external things that can threaten your home security, like burglaries, there are thankfully ways to increase a house’s security. This post takes a look at six ways to give your home security an update to ensure optimum peace of mind when you sleep at night or go on vacation. 

New Locks

The biggest update you can give your home to make it feel that much safer is to install a new lock system on your doors and windows. A company like Sure Locks can fit new, secure locks. It specialises in all things security related from emergency locksmiths to alarm systems. They have been in operation for many years and understand what is required for a properly guarded property. 

New Windows

Old windows are an easy entry point for thieves. The older, the easier. They tend to have faulty or missing locks, weak frames, and fragile frames. Downstairs windows are a higher priority, but if you are looking for a new way to revamp your security base, consider a complete change up of your windows and install locking devices that can be managed at all times. This adds an extra branch of security for holiday purposes. 


CCTV is a camera surveillance system that is placed strategically around a building. It is a deterrent for potential nefarious activity and provides a way to identify any criminals if such a thing should occur. Clear signs can (and should) be displayed alerting any potential unwanted visitor to the presence of the system and though there is a cost to a comprehensive setup, it’s one of the best ways to protect your house. 

Join the Neighbourhood Watch

Not every community has a neighbourhood watch, but if yours does it is definitely worth joining or even setting one up. This is a network of local people that quite literally watch out for one another. There is usually a communication interface where local updates can be posted and discussed and any issues can be raised as well. It is a good way to stay in touch with your immediate vicinity updates and flag any potential incidents. 

Video Doorbell 

Video doorbells are growing in popularity and it is easy to see why. In place of a traditional doorbell that emits a sound to alert you of a visitor to your home, these devices record anyone and everything that is close to the building entrance. In this way, you can see who is there and even communicate with them to see why they are paying you a visit. They are inexpensive and often can be installed without professional input. 

Everyone has the right to feel safe where they live and sleep. So getting your home up to date with the latest security technology is a task that just needs doing. Regardless of the location and size of the property, there are options to suit a range of circumstances and a range of budgets. It takes a bit of research, but the results will provide such peace of mind it’s a job worth doing. 


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