Securing your home as winter draws in

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Securing Your Home As Winter Draws In

As winter gets closer, the evenings and mornings are much darker than usual, meaning the likelihood of burglaries and other crimes starts to increase. Your home is probably your sanctuary and you need to ensure that it is adequately protected against such crimes. These top security tips can help you to ensure the security of your home is at its best, reducing the possibility of a break-in.

Install a Security Light

By installing a security light at the front and back of your home, you could instantly reduce the chances of someone breaking into your property. Most burglars want to be able to enter a property without bringing attention to themselves and alerting anyone.

The motion detection sensors instantly activate the lights, shocking the burglars and deterring them from trying to enter. The light can also alert you to a presence outside if it is activated, so you can check for intruders.

Lock Windows And Doors

The most common points of entry are through front and back doors and windows, which is why it is essential that these are locked at all times. You should also check that children understand the importance of alerting an adult if they have opened a window so that it can be kept an eye on.

Even though it is colder, there may be times when you open the window during winter and, due to the extended darkness hours, this can provide a perfect opportunity for someone to break in.

By installing window restrictors from a company like Jackloc you can prevent this from happening as they stop the window from opening after a certain point, stopping anyone from entering through them, but still allowing you to open the window for ventilation or fresh air.

Install An Alarm System

As mentioned earlier, intruders look for easily accessible properties that won’t alert anyone of their presence. If they see an alarm system fitted inside a property they are more likely to avoid it as they want to avoid the noise and flashing lights that may give away their location.

By installing a recommended alarms system, you could also save money on your home insurance as many companies see this as enough of a deterrent and may reduce your payments.

Invest In A Plug-in Timer

These are an extremely good investment as they are relatively cheap and can be used with any device with a plug. Plugging in a lamp or radio to make it seem like someone is home will deter thieves and burglars, especially as you can set the time for it to come on. It can also make your home much more inviting when you come back, as it won’t be dark or quiet inside.

Get A Dog

If you already have a dog, advertise it; even if you don’t, advertise as if you do anyway. Most burglars want to avoid entering a home with a dog in it, whether it is a small puppy or a huge Rottweiler, as they won’t know the difference unless they see it.

A dog is a big commitment so if it’s not something that is practical or affordable for you, simply putting up some ‘Beware Of Dog’ signs could just do the trick.

By taking on board these home security tips, you could save yourself the worry, cost and distress of a break in. You don’t need to spend a lot on home security, just be vigilant and careful and avoid leaving your home open as an easy target.


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