Protect your castle from crooks

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Protect Your Castle from Crooks

CCTV systems are fast becoming a must-have tool in the fight against crimes in and around the home. Everyone wants to protect themselves and their hard-earned possessions and as criminals’ methods become ever-more sophisticated, the challenge is keeping one step ahead of them. The good news is, technology is also moving forwards in leaps and bounds, so we share our advice on protecting your home with CCTV.

Having visible security in place will stop many opportunist criminals even attempting to break-in to your home or garden, it’s a proven deterrent. However, for the brazen (or not-so-bright!) criminals who are still not put off, they’ll be recorded committing the crime and the system can also alert you while it is taking place, giving a much better chance of them being caught in the act. 

CCTV footage helps identify criminals and be used as evidence in criminal investigations after the event. Whether it’s anti-social behaviour, a break-in or theft, CCTV means offenders are more likely to be identified and punished – it’s hard to argue with clear video evidence!

And it’s not just your home you should consider. You may have cars on your drive, an expensive lawnmower in the shed, even garden furniture, plants and ornaments – all of which can be targeted by thieves. A quality CCTV system can be installed around the outside of the house, inside the home, the garage – covering all areas of the property and if you don’t want it to effect the aesthetics of your home, you can even get them in lightbulbs. Using advanced technology, modern CCTV systems certainly help prevent theft and vandalism, as well as providing unparalleled evidence if the worst does happen. 

Crime Prevention

It’s no surprise the College of Policing’s Crime Reduction Toolkit confirms, ‘CCTV is associated with a statistically significant decrease in crime.’ And aside from the cost of replacing stolen items or the inconvenience of repairing any damage, the personal consequence of your home being invaded can be the worst part of all. 

Losing irreplaceable, sentimental valuables is heart-breaking and can leave you and your family shaken, worrying it may happen again. So, anything that can be done to prevent crimes happening in the first place is where we should be concentrating. If you’ve ever experienced a crime at your home, you’ll understand. The reassurance that your property is covered with cameras helps many sleep better at night.

Who’s knocking on my door?

As technology progresses, CCTV equipment has become better quality and more affordable than ever – the cost of installing it is certainly worth the investment. These new, digital systems allow you to monitor your home and garden in real-time, simply from a smartphone App, your computer or TV. Importantly, you can easily view remotely, giving you confidence your home is safe while you’re away and multiple users can have access to it.

You can have your system set up so it gives you an alert when someone approaches your home and you can see if they’re legitimate visitors or something more suspicious. It gives you time to see if you need to take action, such as alerting the Police. Having a camera that clearly captures anyone approaching your front door is a good idea, as this is usually the first port-of-call for every visitor, legitimate or not – they want to see if anyone’s in. Being able to view who’s at your door before opening it, is also very useful for those home-alone, who may be more vulnerable or nervous to answer the door. A quality security system allows you to protect your home, car and wider property, and capture any potential criminal that approaches your entrance doors without invite. 

Bear in mind, there are rules about where you can’t and can’t film, so it’s worth taking a look at the ICOs (Information Commissioner’s Office) official guidelines for domestic CCTV systems, so you can ensure you stay within the rules. 

Added Benefits 

It goes without saying that homes with CCTV cameras are safer and more secure than those that don’t. It also gives you peace of mind, which is something you can’t put a price on. We’ve explained the obvious benefits of having a high-quality camera system on and around your home, but there are other benefits to consider too. 

If you have an NSI (National Security Inspectorate) approved installation, it’s likely you’ll qualify for a reduction in your home insurance, so definitely worth a conversation with your provider. Another benefit is that you can discreetly avoid answering the door to anyone you’d rather not talk to!

What to ask when choosing your CCTV system

  1. How long can your system store videos for? If you need to find something, how long before it’s deleted? 
  2. How are you notified when someone approaches your property?
  3. Can you access the system remotely? Make sure your PC/phone and security system are compatible.
  4. Quality – is the recording black and white or colour? How effective is it filming at night? Are the images clear enough to identify people?
  5. Do the cameras film continually, or are they motion activated? If they film constantly, ensure you have enough space to store the files.
  6. Make sure you comply with privacy laws. A reputable security company will ensure cameras don’t face neighbouring property or public spaces. 
  7. Do the cameras have an audio function? Some allow you to talk to anyone on your property – is this a feature you need? 

Innov8 Security

Innov8 Security supply’s complete professional security solutions for homes and businesses in the Bishop’s Stortford area and beyond. They install and maintain quality CCTV, burglar alarms, door entry, access control and automatic gates. 

If you are thinking about getting a CCTV system, Innov8 Security carry out a free site survey and provide a no-obligation quotation based on your unique requirements. Their systems are installed promptly and efficiently, with a personal service every step of the way. Innov8 Security is an NSI Approved Security Company, the hallmark of excellence for providers of security services. Get a quote today. 


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