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Lock Down

If you are a landlord with a number of flats, or converted houses in your portfolio, have you considered the importance of door access control?

Gone are the days of a key being the single means for entry security. Nowadays, tenants expect door buzzers, PIN codes or intercom systems for visitor screening. Equally, for you as a landlord, you want to make sure that your property is secured against uninvited visitors.

Access Control Options

Keyfob Entry

Simply wave a special credit card or small bead in front of a sensor and the door will unlock.

Keyfob door entry systems are great for quick, easy entry.  No fiddling in the lock – some even work from within a purse of handbag. Plus, they can be used to access more than one door, depending on the level of access granted, meaning no need for getting multiple keys cut.

PIN Code Entry

No need to carry anything, apart from the code in your head!

Beware though that PINs can be forgotten, or easily given to others. Fortunately, you would be able to change it at will though.

Intercom Systems

Technology now means that audio and visual feeds can display who is on the other side of the door / gate. The tenant then has the choice whether to remotely unlock the door.

Plus, a one-way video intercom allows you to be discreet. You can decide whether to unlock or not, without the visitor knowing they are under surveillance. Obviously this requires two parties to operate the door system – one calling, one answering – but it is increasingly being used in apartment blocks and commercial properties.

Automatic Doors

Although not immediately recognised as being useful for access control, those sliding doors that we encounter regularly at supermarkets and shops can be put to use as a door entry system.

Perhaps you don’t want people entering through a certain door. Have a sensor inside that automatically opens the doors when you approach to depart, but do not include one outside and visitors will not easily gain access that way.

Develop it a bit further in larger properties by staffing the door to administrate who enters and you have an access control system.


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