Home improvements to make lost keys a thing of the past

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Home Improvements to Make Lost Keys a Thing of The Past

Are you always losing your keys in your bag or pockets? You go to grab them and they’re not in the pocket you thought they were. Worse still, you come to the heart stopping realisation that they are lost, lost.

Losing anything can range from aggravating to devastating, but losing keys comes with the uncomfortable feeling of a loss of security. You might feel overexposed – “what if someone finds my key and tries to break in?” however likely or unlikely that situation is.

If you don’t have a spare key, you’ll then need an emergency locksmith to help you get back into your house and you might even want to change all the locks to feel secure again.

Fortunately, there are methods and devices on the market to avoid this situation, so you can live a carefree, and for certain devices, a key-free life. 

Window Handle Keys 

Let’s start off simple before we get on to the gadgets, keys for window handles can be small and easily misplaced, put on the side and forgotten about, but with a large full set you’ll make sure you’re well equipped.

They’re not something you take out and about with you or are likely to lose outside, so you don’t have to worry about security in those terms – unless you’re some sort of superhero or rebellious teen that sneaks out the window.

However, you might want to think about things like security from the inside, as well as safety. It can be as simple as having a spare key handy to open the window on a hot day for some much-needed fresh air. But it can also stop an adventurous young child opening a window or a spare key can be there in the rare event of an emergency like a fire.

Fingerprint and Smart Devices

Technology has come in leaps and bounds from the simple lock and key. Though sometimes necessary in emergencies, hiding a spare key under a mat, in a plant pot or under a rock isn’t the safest or most secure method of doing things. Even if you need to leave a key out for someone whilst you’re out, resorting to this may leave you with an uneasy feeling all day.

If you’re serious about home security and/or a bit gadget mad, then these might be the devices for you. 

Fingerprint Padlocks

Padlock keys can be some of the most tiny and fiddly to deal with. The smaller something is, the easier it is to lose it. Whether for a gate or a garage door, a fingerprint scanning padlock can save you time spent frantically digging through the key bowl. 

Just think how much time we spend a year doing that, it all adds up. Now just imagine yourself walking straight out the house, casually whistling (if you can whistle that is) on your way to the garage or shed, not having a care in the world, all because you can open the padlock with your thumb or finger. 

Smart Door Handles

Smart door handles cover a range of products, you could consider installing a device that uses a smart keypad for your home or business. These devices are probably more commonly seen at places of work but are suitable for homes too.

Just like your smartphone can have a passcode, smart keypads have the same idea. Set up a pin code and give it to the rest of your family/housemates and there’s no need to get a bunch of keys cut. 

There are also smart door handles with fingerprint scanners, enabling you to register a high number of fingerprints for different people (some devices go up to 50). They can also be added to regular front doors, so you don’t have to worry about the costly process of buying a whole new door to go with the smart handle.

It’s worth mentioning that these devices come with back ups like fobs or using a smartphone app, so don’t worry if you forget the pin code. The smart phone apps can allow you to do things like change the pin number if you’re worried about someone gaining access to it. 

You can also use the app to deactivate fobs if they’re lost, which is much easier than replacing all the locks, after all you can’t deactivate a key. And if it turns out the fob was hiding in your bag all along, you can just reactivate it.


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